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Primary English Online Lessons eduKate Singapore Tuition

Hello Parents, just a clip to keep you updated on our English Lessons online. As we are now halfway through Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), all’s good and smooth with us working online with students. Powering through and making the most of the situation, we will keep on doing our best to edukate our kids with the best knowledge and leverage the positives of online learning […]

Work for the week. 28th May 2021. Back to Online Lessons.

Online lessons are back. So we are into the second week of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and we are online to make sure we keep students safe and still have their lessons. Half a year done and we are on track with all our students. Curriculum wise, we are quite happy to report that we are ahead in teaching and the disruption is minimal to […]

Work for this week: Primary 6 SA2 English Papers

New papers uploaded. Tutor goes for Covid Vaccinations. 1st May is a Holiday. Mid Year Examinations are now in April. iOS and iCloud updates and expansion. Security Cameras upgraded with redundancies. What are we doing this week 26th April 2021 Wed 10pm, a blog after 3 papers. A week of working on 2020 Pri 6 English Prelim papers that we need to redo to our […]

The Hainan Story Chapter One

The Hainan Story Chapter One. Newly opened restaurant at Jalan Sultan, Singapore and our first visit there today. Why? Needed dinner at 12 am. What can we eat? Always looking for some good grub. So we heard about this new place opening 24 hours and there’s a long queue there during mealtimes since its so new. So what do we do? Go there as late […]

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

“Good Morning, Vietnam!” shouts radio DJ Robin Williams in same titular movie as he wakes every one up in Saigon. That war still leave scars in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (previously called Saigon) but time has certainly healed quite a lot of this city torn apart and now coming back together stronger than ever. Everywhere you look, Vietnam is going forward at a a breakneck […]

Melbourne, Australia

Just a trip to Melbourne Australia with no other reason than having a tour around the city and tour Great Ocean Road. Again, getting away from work and trying to learn something new in Melbourne just ticked all the boxes, including the chance of a rather cheap plane ticket, which we missed and wasted the opportunity as we arrived late in Changi Airport and had […]

Almaty, Kazakhstan

BE! “Equatorians” in a rather “fish out of water” situation. Kazakhstan, the last Soviet republic to declare independence and the world’s largest landlocked country with a population of 18.8 million people. A Russian-speaking country that is advancing economically at a breakneck pace and nothing like what a particular movie make them out to be. (for your own safety, just don’t mention Borat while you are […]

Back to Cambridge…

This is a collage from a work trip to Kazahstan with a chance to detour a month early to be back in UK for our research. At the beginning, we planned to spend 3 weeks in UK to prepare for our project before heading down to Almaty. But the rain slowed us down and we ended up with five weeks of travel in the wet […]

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