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Melbourne, Australia

Just a trip to Melbourne Australia with no other reason than having a tour around the city and tour Great Ocean Road. Again, getting away from work and trying to learn something new in Melbourne just ticked all the boxes, including the chance of a rather cheap plane ticket, which we missed and wasted the opportunity as we arrived late in Changi Airport and had to rebook, a rather costly affair, the next flight out just so we don’t need to unpack and waste all the effort.

Arriving a day later, we got to our AirBnB to unload our luggage and off we went for a dinner in town, spending the next few days touring Melbourne itself. Obviously, we did a tour of their iconic Melbourne touristy sites, trying to hit all the tried and tested areas that we kept seeing on YouTube and we just had to try it all out for ourselves. Not exactly the most adventurous but we did brave the mad traffic and those long traffic jam during peak hours, and a chilly winter that is just a bit too warm to stay indoors and too cold to stay outdoors too long, which happens to be our June holidays and Summer for mostly the rest of the world.

The metropolitan city is quite an attraction, bustling, with lots to offer. Every corner we turn, there’s plenty to do, see and eat. Even with places that is out of the way, there’s a cosy restaurant that will have a gastronomic menu that will just put a smile on you. Then there’s the friendly Aussies that helps us to navigate the city to the point where we went for dinner with some of them. No horror stories here, just good people that is an extension of the famous cordial culture of Australia.

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