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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

“Good Morning, Vietnam!” shouts radio DJ Robin Williams in same titular movie as he wakes every one up in Saigon. That war still leave scars in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (previously called Saigon) but time has certainly healed quite a lot of this city torn apart and now coming back together stronger than ever.

Everywhere you look, Vietnam is going forward at a a breakneck pace and you see progress everywhere you look. Resilient, happy and hardworking people, you revel in their pride as you walk around and see how they love doing what they do. Stunning country, beautiful places to visit and don’t start me on their food. It is… Amazing!

Just a small summary of this visit. Went there with all our staff during the end of 2015 on a company trip. Went all around Ho Chi Minh, including a tour of their War Remnants Museum, and the next morning, went for the must-see Mekong River tour. After that, we spent the next few days just lazing around and toured almost every recommended restaurant and cafe. My favourite and a recommendation, have an afternoon at The Loft Cafe. Surprisingly good food and coffee.

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