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Work for the week. 28th May 2021. Back to Online Lessons.

Online lessons are back.

So we are into the second week of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and we are online to make sure we keep students safe and still have their lessons. Half a year done and we are on track with all our students. Curriculum wise, we are quite happy to report that we are ahead in teaching and the disruption is minimal to our roadmap.

So what have we done this week? We have been conducting online lessons for the last two weeks. So far, so good…with no problems moving our physical lessons online. Invested in major upgrades before this latest round of Covid restrictions, in regards to our online capabilities. Faster wifi, faster Internet connections and our computers had zero connection issues.

We are subscribed on zoom now instead of Webex, as the connections are quite stable and their usability improved over the year. Lag is also at zero, and students are quite used to online lessons so its quite an effective transition compared to 2020. The latter was a rush to keep all our collective heads above water and one that put up a good fight and nearly won. One drubbing that we did not want to repeat again. It was a learning curve to have so much changes in such a short time and the stress that came along, something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

With experience, comes wisdom.

Also, mostly, the problems we had could be solved with planning, time and money. This time round, we anticipated the online lessons and switched over a day before the official government announcements. It was a good call too as it meant we kept every student home and safe from any unnecessary exposures coming over for physical lessons.

Having a coffee away from everyone else and keeping to a 3m radius. As deserted as it gets outside Dempsey due to Lockdown 2.0 Singapore. Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).
Our Materials are moving online for students. Downloads are available.
Online lessons are back. And we are going to make it a permanent fixture.
Opening new slots for online lessons Semester 2 so contact us to find out more.

Vesak Day, coffee break @ Dempsey

Our lives during the week…Currently with restaurants and food outlets only providing takeaways, there’s not much chance for anyone to dine out. But we found out most restaurants are still opened, albeit in a reduced capability. Let’s give them a bit of support as much as possible… so here’s our version of “dining out”.

We ordered a tabao and stayed far away from others to indulge in a cup of coffee at The Dempsey Project and that was the highlight of the week. Parked, sat in the car and indulged. There’s also a croissant that I will recommend if you do visit, plus their cheese room is a little bit of heaven in a little corner of their store. Little luxuries of a soft lockdown. We’ll take it anytime.

Better masks for a safer classroom. The new implementation of better masks for all students when physical lessons resume will be the new feature that we will be working on including supplementary online lessons becoming a permanent add-on feature that we know will help students to have additional support and increase in contact hours.

As for full-time online lessons, we are now taking in new students for Semester 2 2021. So have your queries about our classes here.

Lastly, we are moving our materials online to ease the online lessons. The materials can be found English here, Mathematics here, and Science here.

Lastly, we are moving our materials online to ease the online lessons. The materials can be found English here, Mathematics here, and Science here.

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