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Back to Cambridge…

This is a collage from a work trip to Kazahstan with a chance to detour a month early to be back in UK for our research. At the beginning, we planned to spend 3 weeks in UK to prepare for our project before heading down to Almaty. But the rain slowed us down and we ended up with five weeks of travel in the wet before we got back to Heathrow. It is all good because we got the chance to slot in a return to Cambridge and spend a few days there, with a crop of pretty photos to remind us of this fond place.

As we reach Cambridge after a whole day travelling out of London, it was almost clearing the end of autumn and heading for a rather chilly winter when we took these photos. It was quite the magical morning as we parked next to King’s College and took a walk around looking for a particular favourite cafe of ours for breakfast. Its just that kind of morning where the fog is unveiling itself and the sun came out through perchance, a window of relief from the rainy days providing us the picture perfect background to an amazing trip.

So what is there at Cambridge? For one, Cambridge University. Established 1209 and second-oldest university in the English speaking world. It consists of 31 semi-autonomous colleges and 150 academic departments that are self governing and runs independently. Each have their own facilities scattered throughout the city. They collectively become members of Cambridge University and contrary to modern universities, there is no main campus grounds.

So what can we do at Cambridge? Walk around their many colleges and the city is quite a good place to do some dining and shopping. Sit in a cafe and spot the next Stephen Hawking. Punt down River Cam and go under Mathematical bridge (since 1749) that connects Queens’ College. Attend a lecture, talk to locals, have a few pints and just enjoy history and intelligence nestled within a city.

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