Secondary English Tuition at Punggol

English Tuition in Punggol, student attempts the GCE O level past year papers
Punggol Tuition. Student attending English Tuition classes in Punggol working on Comprehension for GCE O levels past year exam papers

Secondary English tuition at Punggol. English Classes conducted in a small group format in accordance to latest SEAB GCE O level syllabus.

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English Tuition Coursework includes Comprehension, Composition and Editing in Paper 1 and 2 of GCE O level examinations.

The Class

In continuation to the updated SEAB Secondary English syllabus, the next level of critical thinking skills are taught in our English class, plus inclusion of current affairs and general knowledge, de rigueur requirement for the O level examination.

We teach the standard required by SEAB GCE O levels.

The English class incorporates latest 21st Century outline of SEAB to do well in GCE O-level English Language examinations. Current GCE O level English examination requires the skill set of well-rounded and knowledgeable candidates that can voice themselves properly and appropriately during their examination. This is in line with the government’s directive to educate students to be global citizens and entrepreneurs.

Setting themselves from the ordinary requires the ability to show clarity in thought, skilful use of concepts, analysing the material presented, synthesize a consistent idea, to evaluate and prioritise options, organise workflow and concluding/summarise a subject matter properly.

The ability to provide logical inference maturely and formulate a balanced judgement are character skills that would produce an effective examination script required by the syllabus.

We do all this in our Secondary English tuition classes for Punggol/Sengkang.

Our Job

Our job is to build the core level of competence in our student’s English Language proficiency, moving onto teaching a diverse knowledge base where our Secondary English course will train and enrich the exemplary individual to do well in the O levels.

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