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Fervently: Teaching Primary School Students the Meaning and Usage of this Vocabulary Word

At the primary school level, it is important to introduce children to a wide range of vocabulary words to help them better express themselves and understand others. One such word that is useful to teach is “fervently.” Teaching kids about fervently means teaching them about the concept of passion and enthusiasm.

We can teach our kids that fervently means doing something with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. This can be in any area of life, such as a hobby, a sport, or a school subject. For example, a child might fervently love playing soccer and put a lot of time and energy into practicing and playing.

Teaching children about fervently is important because it helps them understand the importance of putting effort and energy into things that they care about. It also helps them recognize and appreciate when others are passionate about something, even if it’s not something that they are interested in themselves.

In addition, teaching kids about fervently can help them develop a growth mindset, which is the belief that their abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work and dedication. When they see others putting in effort and energy, it can inspire them to do the same and to believe that they can achieve their goals with hard work and determination.

Teaching kids about fervently is a great way to help them understand the value of passion and enthusiasm, and to inspire them to pursue their interests with dedication and hard work.

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Here are ten words that describe fervently with vocabulary meaning and usage for Pri 6 PSLE Grade 6 students:

  1. Passionate – having intense feelings or emotions about something; She was a passionate advocate for animal rights.
  2. Zealous – filled with enthusiasm and dedication for a particular cause or belief; He was zealous about protecting the environment.
  3. Ardent – expressing or showing strong feelings; She was an ardent supporter of her favorite sports team.
  4. Eager – enthusiastic and excited to do something; She was eager to start her new job.
  5. Intense – having a strong or extreme degree of something; His intense focus helped him excel in school.
  6. Dedicated – committed to a particular purpose or cause; She was a dedicated volunteer at the local food bank.
  7. Enthusiastic – having or showing intense excitement or interest; He was an enthusiastic learner and always eager to ask questions.
  8. Focused – having a clear and specific goal in mind; She was focused on completing her homework before dinner.
  9. Committed – dedicated to a particular task or goal; He was committed to achieving his dream of becoming a professional athlete.
  10. Determined – having made a firm decision and resolved to achieve a specific goal; She was determined to run a marathon and trained tirelessly for months.

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.
-Oscar Wilde

Oti Mabuse

How do we use the word “fervently”?

Here are ten examples that illustrate fervently:

  1. She prayed fervently for her sick mother to recover.
  2. The crowd cheered fervently as the home team scored the winning goal.
  3. He worked fervently on his novel every day for months.
  4. The young couple embraced fervently after being apart for so long.
  5. She apologized fervently for her mistake and promised to make it right.
  6. The scientist argued fervently for his theory, but was ultimately proven wrong.
  7. He spoke fervently about the importance of protecting the environment.
  8. The artist painted the canvas fervently, lost in the creative process.
  9. The students listened fervently to the inspiring speech given by the guest speaker.
  10. She researched fervently to prepare for the important exam.


The word “fervently” relates to passionate and intense emotions or actions. Here are some examples of images that could be associated with the word:

  1. A person with closed eyes and clasped hands, expressing fervent prayer
  2. A singer belting out a song with fervent passion and emotion
  3. An athlete pushing themselves to the limit with fervent determination to win
  4. A political rally where supporters are waving flags and chanting fervently for their candidate
  5. A group of friends having a fervent discussion about a topic they are passionate about
  6. A painter working fervently to create a masterpiece, completely lost in the process
  7. A scientist conducting an experiment with fervent curiosity and dedication to uncover new knowledge
  8. A person volunteering fervently to help a community or social cause they care about
  9. A teacher speaking fervently to inspire their students to learn and pursue their dreams
  10. A couple sharing a fervent embrace, expressing their deep love and connection.


Some sounds that may describe fervently could include:

  1. Rapid footsteps
  2. Panting breaths
  3. Clattering objects
  4. Excited chatter
  5. Rustling papers
  6. Frantic typing on a keyboard
  7. Clicking of a camera shutter
  8. Rapid scribbling of a pen or pencil
  9. Clanging of pots and pans in a busy kitchen
  10. The hum of a machine working at full speed.


The word “fervently” relates to a strong feeling of enthusiasm or passion towards a particular subject or cause. Here are some examples of character feelings that can be described as “fervently”:

  1. A student who is fervently passionate about science spends all their free time conducting experiments and reading scientific journals.
  2. A musician who plays their instrument fervently puts all their heart and soul into creating beautiful music.
  3. A social activist who fervently fights for human rights and equality spends their time organizing rallies and protests.
  4. A writer who fervently believes in their story spends countless hours perfecting their craft and revising their work.
  5. A sports player who plays fervently gives their all during every game, putting in maximum effort to win.
  6. A painter who paints fervently is always experimenting with new techniques and styles, pouring their emotions into every stroke of the brush.
  7. An actor who performs fervently approaches every role with dedication and passion, putting themselves into the shoes of their character.
  8. A chef who cooks fervently takes great pride in their creations, always striving to make the perfect dish.
  9. An entrepreneur who works fervently on their startup is constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to improve their business.
  10. A teacher who teaches fervently is passionate about helping their students learn and grow, always looking for new ways to inspire them.


Movements that can describe fervently include:

  1. Clenching of fists
  2. Jumping up and down
  3. Running or pacing back and forth
  4. Pumping one’s arms in the air
  5. Leaning forward with a sense of urgency
  6. Bouncing up and down on one’s toes
  7. Shaking one’s head vigorously in agreement
  8. Nodding one’s head vigorously in agreement
  9. Putting one’s hands on hips and nodding confidently
  10. Clapping hands together enthusiastically.

What can the word “fervently” help our children to develop?

Teaching kids about the concept of fervently at the primary school level can help them develop a strong work ethic and a sense of passion and dedication towards their goals. Here are some important lessons that can be taught:

  1. Passion and dedication: Fervently means to do something with great passion and dedication. Students can be taught the importance of developing a strong work ethic and putting in effort towards achieving their goals.
  2. Perseverance: Fervently also implies a sense of perseverance and not giving up. Kids can be taught the importance of pushing through obstacles and setbacks to achieve success.
  3. Focus: Fervently requires a high level of focus and concentration. Students can learn to prioritize their goals and avoid distractions that might hinder their progress.
  4. Positive attitude: Fervently also involves having a positive attitude towards one’s work. Kids can be taught to approach their tasks with a can-do attitude and a belief in their own abilities.
  5. Creativity: Fervently can also be expressed through creativity and innovation. Students can be encouraged to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems.

By teaching kids about the concept of fervently, they can develop a strong sense of passion, dedication, perseverance, and focus, which will serve them well both academically and in life.


In a small city in Ohio, there lived a little mouse named Maisie. Maisie was a hardworking and ambitious mouse who always strived to get the best out of life. Despite the challenges that came her way, Maisie never gave up and always kept pushing herself to achieve her dreams of being a world class baker.

Maisie worked tirelessly in the small bakery in the city, making sure that every pastry and bread was made to perfection. She enjoyed her work and loved the smell of freshly baked bread that filled the air each day.

Maisie had big dreams for her life, and she was determined to make them a reality. She wanted to travel the world, meet new friends, and experience everything that life had to offer. She had a crew of mice working for her and she did her best to make sure they had a great place to work in.

One day, Maisie’s life took a sudden turn for the worse. A group of cats had invaded the bakery and began to wreak havoc. Fervently, they knocked over jars of flour, spilled sugar on the counter, and even chased after Maisie.

Maisie was terrified, but she refused to give up. She knew that she had to protect the bakery and her fellow workers at all costs. She darted around the bakery, dodging the cats’ paws and knocking over anything that got in her way.

As the chaos continued, Maisie noticed a small, open window in the back of the bakery. Without hesitation, she dashed towards the window, jumped up onto the windowsill, and squeezed through the small opening.

Once outside, Maisie realized that she had never been so scared in her life but more importantly, she made a rather big mistake letting her fellow workers in the bakery with the cats. Her heart was racing, and she could feel her little mouse legs trembling with fear.

Maisie knew that she could not stay outside for long. She needed to find a way to get back into the bakery and save her fellow workers from the cats. With determination and tenacity, Maisie devised a plan to get back into the bakery. She climbed up a nearby drainpipe and crawled through an air vent that led into the kitchen.

Once inside, Maisie quickly sprang into action. She ran towards the cats and began to throw everything she could find at them. Jars of flour, rolling pins, and even baking trays flew through the air as Maisie fought off the feline invaders.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the cats retreated, sneezing and coughing from being bombarded by flour, not to mention, licking their wounds from Maisie’s assault. Maisie was left standing victorious. She had saved the bakery and her fellow workers from certain destruction.

Although Maisie was physically unharmed, she knew that the experience had changed her forever. She realized that life was fragile and that every moment should be cherished. Maisie made a promise to herself that she would never take life for granted and would always live each day to the fullest.

From that day forward, Maisie continued to work hard and achieve her dreams, but she did so with a newfound appreciation for the fragility of life.

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