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Recite Your Way to PSLE English Distinction: Master Top 100 Vocabulary Words

Recite is a verb that means to repeat something from memory. This can refer to anything from a poem or a speech to a multiplication table or a set of instructions. Reciting something from memory requires not only a good memory but also an understanding of the material being recited.

One of the most common uses of recite is in the context of education. Students may be asked to recite information they have learned in class, such as a poem or a historical event. Reciting information helps students to retain it in their memory and reinforce their understanding of the material.

Reciting is also commonly used in religious contexts. For example, people may recite prayers or scripture from memory as a form of worship or meditation. The ability to recite religious texts is often considered a mark of devotion and knowledge within the faith community.

In addition, reciting can also be used in performance contexts, such as theater or poetry readings. Actors and poets may recite their lines or works from memory, demonstrating their mastery of the material and their ability to engage the audience.

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The word “recite” is a verb that means to repeat something aloud from memory, such as a poem, speech, or passage.

Example: The students were asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in class.

Here are ten common uses of the word “recite”:

  1. The actor was able to recite his lines flawlessly during the play.
  2. The teacher asked the students to recite the multiplication tables.
  3. The choir members were able to recite the entire hymn from memory.
  4. The lawyer was able to recite the law chapter and verse during the trial.
  5. The child was able to recite the alphabet backwards.
  6. The poet was able to recite her poems from memory at the poetry reading.
  7. The scholar was able to recite the entire poem in its original language.
  8. The historian was able to recite the key events of the battle from memory.
  9. The candidate was able to recite his campaign promises during the debate.
  10. The religious leader was able to recite the holy text from memory during the service.

Top 10 Vocabulary words for recite with definition and examples.

  1. Memorize – commit to memory, such as a poem or speech, in order to recite it later. Example: She was able to memorize the entire script and recite it perfectly.
  2. Quote – to repeat or copy out (a passage or speech) exactly, often indicating the source of the words. Example: He quoted a famous line from Shakespeare’s play and recited it with emotion.
  3. Intone – to say or recite something with a particular tone or pitch. Example: The monk intoned the ancient chants and recited the prayers with solemnity.
  4. Rehearse – to practice or prepare for a performance by repeating something aloud from memory. Example: The actors rehearsed their lines over and over until they could recite them perfectly.
  5. Chant – to recite words or phrases rhythmically or melodically, often in a group. Example: The fans chanted the team’s name and recited their favorite slogans during the game.
  6. Echo – to repeat something back after hearing it. Example: The child echoed her mother’s words and recited them with a smile.
  7. Parrot – to repeat something without understanding its meaning or context. Example: He just parrots what others say and recites it without thinking.
  8. Regurgitate – to repeat something verbatim, often without understanding it or adding any personal insight. Example: The student regurgitated the professor’s lecture and recited it word for word.
  9. Rote – the act of learning something by memorization through repetition. Example: He learned the vocabulary words by rote and recited them without understanding their meanings.
  10. Sermonize – to deliver a moralistic or instructive speech or recitation. Example: The minister sermonized about the importance of charity and recited examples from the Bible.

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