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Primary 6 Nanyang SA2 Prelim Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan

Parents, Tutors and Teacher’s English Resource. Primary 6 Nanyang SA2 Prelim Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan to be used in conjunction with past year examination papers.

Question 16-20 Radioactivity and Marie Curie
Question 39-50 The joys of reading.
Question 51-65 Drink water from the tap in Singapore instead to save money.
Question 71-80 Fishing with nets frustrated Radin.

Videos for Questions 16-20. Marie Curie and her work to achieve two Nobel Prize.

Marie Curie is a brilliant Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for discovery of the elements polonium and radium.
A pictorial biography of Marie Curie

Videos for Question 21-28. Museums of Singapore

Museums in Singapore and the enthusiasts enjoying our heritage.

Videos for Question 29-38. Volunteering and helping others.

Volunteering and helping others, what we all can do to help.

Videos for Questions 39-50 Reading a book and the people who reads.

Our 1980’2 National Library and how we used to borrow books to read before internet became a thing.
When reading helps you in your life.

Question 51-65 Why you should stop drinking bottled water and its consequences of using it.

The passage is about being environmentally friendly. Drink from the tap and use lesser plastic.

Question 71-80.

How we are farming our own fishes in a building in Singapore.
Net fishing in a very cold place.

Enrichment Score: 68%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Information and Study Programme for Pri 6 Henry Park SA2 Prelim Paper 2020.

Vocabulary List to be learnt before attempting this paper.

  1. culprit
  2. chef
  3. postpone
  4. enchanting
  5. brought on
  6. brought out
  7. brought along
  8. brought forward
  9. audition
  10. submission
  11. indivisible
  12. inseparable
  13. indispensable
  14. honour
  15. ovation
  16. applause
  17. ignorance
  18. negligence
  19. indiference
  20. nonchalance
  21. prudent
  22. research
  23. alleviate
  24. unassuming
  25. esteem
  26. conferred
  27. sensible
  28. sensitive
  29. respectable
  30. responsible
  31. bold
  32. modest
  33. assertive
  34. confident
  35. praise
  36. regard
  37. bestowed
  38. reinforced
  39. immerse
  40. artefacts
  41. heritage
  42. milestone
  43. colonial
  44. diversity
  45. array
  46. delectable
  47. caption
  48. sensory
  49. testimonials
  50. emphasise
  51. virtual
  52. cuisine
  53. hectic
  54. counsellor
  55. collaboration
  56. interactive
  57. hands-on
  58. passionate
  59. research
  60. consumption
  61. contrary
  62. insignificant
  63. samples
  64. rundown
  65. blistered
  66. chores
  67. technique
  68. supplement
  69. confessed
  70. exclaimed
  71. disbelief

Parents and Teacher’s Resource

Use this page as a teaching guide and study plan with vocabulary words, enrichment videos and images that will give preliminary understanding and visual cues to help students to be well prepared when they attempt the question paper.

Answers are found here:

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