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Top 100 Words Engaging Grade 6 Primary Vocabulary Word “Indelible”. Meaning and Usage Examples

Teaching kids about the concept of indelible can help them understand the significance of experiences, events, and memories that leave a lasting impression on their lives. The term indelible refers to something that cannot be erased, removed, or forgotten easily. Helping children understand the importance of such experiences can shape their perspectives and shape their future decisions.

One important lesson we can teach our kids about indelible is that experiences and memories shape who we are. Every experience we have, good or bad, has the potential to leave an indelible mark on us. We can help children understand that these experiences can impact their character, beliefs, and future decisions.

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Another important lesson we can teach our kids about indelible is the value of memories. Memories are like imprints in our minds that we can recall and revisit for years to come. We can help children understand that the memories they create now can have a significant impact on their future lives.

We can also teach our kids about indelible by encouraging them to be present in the moment. Being mindful of the present moment can help children create indelible memories and experiences that they can carry with them for a lifetime. Encouraging them to be fully present during important events, such as family vacations or school performances, can help them appreciate the value of these experiences and memories.

Finally, we can teach our kids about indelible by helping them understand the power of their actions. The things we say and do can leave an indelible mark on others, both positive and negative. Teaching children to be kind, empathetic, and respectful can help them leave a positive indelible mark on the people they interact with.

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Here are ten words that describe indelible with vocabulary meaning and usage for Pri 6 PSLE Grade 6 students:

  1. Unforgettable – leaving a lasting impression on the memory Example: The concert was unforgettable, with the crowd singing along to every song.
  2. Enduring – lasting over a long period of time Example: The book had an enduring impact on the literary world.
  3. Lasting – enduring for a long time Example: The friendship between the two girls was lasting, despite their different interests.
  4. Permanent – lasting or intended to last indefinitely Example: The artist used permanent ink to create a design that would last a lifetime.
  5. Unfading – not losing brightness or color over time Example: The flowers in the garden were unfading, retaining their vivid colors throughout the year.
  6. Indestructible – impossible to destroy or break Example: The old clock was made of indestructible materials and had been running for over a hundred years.
  7. Un-erasable – impossible to remove or erase Example: The graffiti on the wall was un-erasable, even after several attempts to clean it.
  8. Everlasting – enduring forever or for a very long time Example: The mountains seemed to have an everlasting presence, standing tall for centuries.
  9. Ineradicable – impossible to remove or erase completely Example: The stain on the carpet was ineradicable, despite several attempts to clean it.
  10. Unforgettable – leaving a deep and lasting impression Example: The teacher’s kind words were unforgettable, inspiring the student to do their best.

How do we use the word “indelible”?

Here are ten examples that illustrate indelible:

  1. The indelible ink used during elections cannot be easily erased or washed off.
  2. The traumatic experience left an indelible mark on her memory.
  3. The author’s book had an indelible impact on the literary world.
  4. The student’s first visit to a foreign country left an indelible impression on her mind.
  5. The singer’s voice left an indelible impression on the audience.
  6. The athlete’s remarkable performance left an indelible mark in the record books.
  7. The museum’s collection of artifacts provides an indelible window into the past.
  8. The smell of freshly baked cookies left an indelible mark on her childhood memories.
  9. The teacher’s words of encouragement left an indelible impact on the student’s motivation.
  10. The painting’s vibrant colors left an indelible impression on the viewer’s mind.

Image of indelible

It is difficult to describe what looks indelible as it is a term that refers to experiences, memories, or impressions that leave a lasting impact on one’s life. However, some examples of things that may look indelible include:

  • A tattoo: A tattoo is a permanent mark on the body that cannot be easily removed or erased, making it a physical representation of the concept of indelible.
  • A scar: A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed, and it may serve as a reminder of the experience for years to come.
  • A photograph: A photograph captures a moment in time, preserving the memory and making it indelible.
  • A piece of jewelry: A piece of jewelry, such as a family heirloom, may hold sentimental value and become indelible in the memories of those who wear it.
  • A signature: A signature is a unique and distinctive way of signing one’s name that may become indelible in the memories of those who receive it.
  • A landmark: A landmark, such as a famous building or monument, may be indelibly etched in the minds of those who have seen it or visited it.

The concept of indelible is more about the impact of experiences, memories, and impressions rather than their physical appearance, so what looks indelible may vary from person to person.


As indelibility is a concept related to the lasting impact of experiences, memories, or impressions, the sounds that may be associated with indelibility are often those that are deeply connected to a significant event or time in one’s life. Some examples of sounds that may be considered indelible include:

  • The sound of a loved one’s voice: The sound of a loved one’s voice may become indelibly etched in one’s memory, especially after they have passed away.
  • The sound of a particular song or piece of music: The sound of a particular song or piece of music may bring back strong emotions and memories of a significant event or time in one’s life.
  • The sound of a significant event: The sound of a significant event, such as a wedding ceremony or graduation, may become indelible in one’s memory.
  • The sound of a natural disaster: The sound of a natural disaster, such as the roar of a hurricane or earthquake, may leave an indelible impression on those who experienced it.
  • The sound of a particular phrase or quote: The sound of a particular phrase or quote may become indelibly associated with a certain person, event, or moment.

Indelibility is more about the impact of experiences and memories than the sounds themselves. What sounds are considered indelible may vary from person to person, as everyone has their own unique memories and experiences that shape their lives.


Indelible is a word that describes something that leaves a lasting impression or mark, and as such, the character feeling associated with indelibility is one of significance, importance, and emotional impact. Some examples of character feelings that may be associated with indelible include:

  • Nostalgia: The feeling of nostalgia is often associated with memories that are indelible, as they are imbued with a sense of emotional significance and attachment.
  • Reverence: Experiences or memories that are indelible may be viewed with a sense of reverence, as they may hold a special place in one’s life or personal history.
  • Resilience: Experiences that are indelible may also be associated with resilience, as they are able to endure and leave a lasting impact on a person’s life.
  • Longing: Memories or experiences that are indelible may also be associated with a sense of longing or yearning, as they may represent a time or place that is no longer accessible or attainable.

The character feeling associated with indelible is one of significant emotional impact and lasting importance. It may evoke feelings of nostalgia, reverence, resilience, or longing, depending on the specific memory or experience in question.

Why teach our kids the word “indelible”?

Learning about the concept of indelible memories and experiences is important for primary students from a psychological standpoint because it helps them understand how memories and experiences shape their lives and identities. By learning about the indelible nature of certain memories and experiences, students can begin to recognize the impact that these experiences have had on their lives, both positively and negatively.

Additionally, understanding the concept of indelibility can help students develop a sense of emotional intelligence and resilience. They can learn that it’s normal to feel strong emotions in response to significant experiences and that these emotions can have a lasting impact on their lives. By acknowledging and accepting these emotions, students can learn how to process them in healthy ways, which can help them develop greater emotional resilience and well-being.

Finally, the concept of indelibility is important for students to learn because it can help them develop a greater appreciation for the importance of memories and experiences in their lives. By recognizing the indelible impact that certain experiences can have, students can learn to cherish and value these experiences, even if they may be challenging or difficult. This can help them develop a greater sense of gratitude and appreciation for the people, places, and events in their lives that have helped shape them into who they are today.


Jamie, a sprightly 12-year-old girl, loved nothing more than exploring the vibrant streets of Singapore with her parents. One sunny day, she found herself wandering down Orchard Road, the bustling shopping district of the city and her mother was quite happy to let Jamie have her go on figuring out lunch for the family.

As she strolled along, the aroma of delicious food wafted through the air. However, what caught her eye was the sight of a small ice cream cart, pretty in colours and a rather large umbrella the shaded an elderly man standing behind it. Such a pretty flower, Jamie thought as she related that look to her studies in flowers during science class. Colorful and sweet, totally connected her to that topic and why bees go after the nectar.

Right at that moment, he was serving ice cream on a bun. That made Jamie’s mouth water at the sight of the sweet treats, and she approached the cart. Her mom rolled her eyes, knowing that Jamie would probably scoff down the ice cream before lunch, spoiling the whole reason why they were there to begin with.

The ice cream uncle, as he was affectionately called, had been selling his famous ice cream on a bun for over three decades. His dedication to his craft had made his cart a beloved institution in the city.

Jamie struck up a conversation with the ice cream uncle, and he shared stories about his customers and how he had seen the city change over the years. She realized that he was a true veteran of Orchard Road, and his knowledge and experience were priceless.

However, the ice cream uncle also confided in Jamie that the Covid pandemic had been tough on his business. With no customers and no income, he had almost lost his beloved cart. But he refused to give up, and instead, continued to sell his ice cream on the street, hoping for a change of fortunes.

Jamie was deeply moved by the ice cream uncle’s tenacity and resilience. She realized that sometimes, the smallest moments can have the most indelible impact on our lives.

“Mom, during Covid, it was quite a hard time wasn’t it?” as Jamie pondered back on those lockdowns.

“It is! But we survived it and we are glad you experienced it too. It is never easy but it is definitely something we all learnt a lot from.”

“I think we are quite lucky, compared to ice cream uncle, he depended on us to buy from him, isn’t it? It is quite interesting how he is doing so well now even after the pandemic…”

Her mother listened intently to Jamie’s pondering, smiling at Jamie’s passion and enthusiasm. As Jamie finished her ice cream, her mother hugged her and said, “That’s amazing, Jamie. I’m so proud of you for recognizing the strength and determination in others. Right, decide on lunch, young lady!”

From that day on, Jamie made it a point to visit the ice cream uncle every time she went to Orchard Road. She wanted to show her support and gratitude for his hard work and determination.

Years later, when Jamie had grown up and moved away from Singapore, she still remembered the ice cream uncle and the indelible impression he had left on her life. She knew that his unwavering spirit had taught her a valuable lesson in perseverance and determination. And she vowed to always remember the indelible mark that the ice cream uncle had left on her heart.

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