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Revamp Your Vocabulary for PSLE English Distinction: Master Top 100 Words. Theme “Renovation”

The word “renovation” is a noun that means the act of improving or modernizing something, often a building or structure.

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Example: The house underwent a renovation that added a new wing and updated the kitchen.

Here are ten common uses of the word “renovation”:

  1. The company’s office building underwent a renovation to update its technology and aesthetics.
  2. The homeowners decided to do a renovation of their outdated bathroom.
  3. The city council approved a renovation of the downtown area to revitalize the area.
  4. The school underwent a renovation to add more classrooms and modernize its facilities.
  5. The church underwent a renovation to restore its historical features and improve accessibility.
  6. The hotel underwent a renovation to update its rooms and improve guest experience.
  7. The theater underwent a renovation to modernize its seating and sound system.
  8. The restaurant underwent a renovation to create a more modern and welcoming atmosphere.
  9. The mall underwent a renovation to add more stores and create a more upscale experience.
  10. The park underwent a renovation to add new playground equipment and improve landscaping.

Renovation is the process of improving or updating something that has become outdated or run down. It is commonly used in the context of buildings, such as homes, offices, schools, and public spaces. Renovation can involve a variety of activities, such as repairing, restoring, remodeling, or modernizing a structure.

One of the most common uses of renovation is in the home improvement industry. Homeowners often undertake renovation projects to update their homes, improve functionality, or increase the value of their property. This can involve anything from a simple paint job to a complete gut renovation, where the entire interior is torn down and rebuilt.

Renovation is also used in the commercial real estate industry to update and modernize office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces. The goal of such renovations is often to create a more welcoming and modern atmosphere that appeals to customers or tenants.

Another context in which renovation is commonly used is in the restoration of historic buildings or landmarks. In such cases, the goal is to preserve the original character and features of the structure while making necessary repairs and updates.

In recent years, the concept of renovation has expanded beyond just buildings to include the renovation of public spaces, such as parks and plazas. The goal of these projects is often to create a more attractive and functional public space that can be enjoyed by local residents and visitors.


Once upon a time, there was an owl named Ollie who loved nothing more than renovating its treehouse. Ollie would spend hours gathering twigs and leaves, and meticulously placing them in just the right spots to create the perfect home.

One winter, Ollie was cozily nestled in its newly-renovated treehouse, while a nearby eagle named Eddie was perched on a nearby branch, shivering in the cold. Eddie had spent all its time hunting and catching prey, and didn’t have time to renovate its own treehouse.

As the winter days grew colder, Eddie could no longer stand the freezing temperatures and decided to pay Ollie a visit. “Hey there, Ollie,” Eddie said, teeth chattering. “I couldn’t help but notice how warm and cozy your treehouse looks. Mind if I join you?”

Ollie, feeling generous, welcomed Eddie in and showed off its new renovations. Eddie couldn’t help but feel envious of Ollie’s warm and comfy home. “Wow, Ollie,” Eddie said. “I wish I had taken the time to renovate my own treehouse like you did. I’m freezing!”

Ollie just smiled and said, “Well, Eddie, as they say, ‘The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.’ You should have put in the effort to renovate your home before winter came.”

Eddie learned a valuable lesson from Ollie that day, and made a resolution to put more effort into his own home in the future. As for Ollie, it continued to enjoy the warmth and comfort of its renovated treehouse, feeling proud of its hard work and effort.

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