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Primary 6 Henry Park SA2 Prelim Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan

Parents, Tutors and Teacher’s English Resource. Primary 6 Henry Park SA2 Prelim Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan to be used in conjunction with past year examination papers. #singaporetestpaper #sgprimarytestpaper #downloadfreepslepaper

Question 16 to 20 Steak photography
Question 16-20 Photographers at work
Question 29-38 Kayaker in a reservoir
Question 21-31 Drought with land drying up.

Videos for Questions 16-20. Food Photography and how to make it delicious.

How a food photographer works to produce a beautiful delicious photo for us.
Tricks photographers use to make food look great.

Videos for Question 29-38. Kayaking in Singapore

Kayaking in Singapore and the enthusiasts.
MacRitchie Reservoir Hiking and the nature making this a fun place to exercise and enjoy a day out walking.

Videos for Question 39-50. How to manage your time and not procrastinate.

Manage time by thinking about it more. Design a schedule that works for you.

Videos for Questions 51-65

The passage is about being environmentally friendly. Use lesser plastic. More Videos about that below.
From how plastics are made to how we dispose of it.
Explains what is happening to plastic that ends up in the ocean.

Video for Questions 71-80

A video about drought in Australia and understanding how it affects our world.
Australia farmers learning how to survive in a drought using technology and educating farmers best practices in technology and methods to increase their yields.
How Clara’s Bed and Breakfast most probably looks like if we were to go there and stayed for a few days.

Enrichment Score: 75%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Information and Study Programme for Pri 6 Henry Park SA2 Prelim Paper 2020.

Vocabulary List to be learnt before attempting this paper.

  1. Hit the roof
  2. Bite The bullet
  3. Forced her hand
  4. Beat around the bush
  5. Cut up
  6. Cut off
  7. Cut out
  8. Cut back
  9. Enrolled
  10. Encased
  11. Enclosed
  12. Entrapped
  13. Brisk
  14. Hasty
  15. Urgent
  16. Abrupt
  17. Notice
  18. Warning
  19. Hesitation
  20. Interruption
  21. Creation
  22. Crave
  23. Aroma
  24. Enticing
  25. Stylists
  26. Exhilarating
  27. Sculptor
  28. Membership
  29. Privileges
  30. Token
  31. Prior
  32. Exclusive
  33. Terms and Conditions Apply
  34. Complimentary
  35. Scudding
  36. Enthusiast
  37. Serenity
  38. Designated
  39. Embracing
  40. Biodiversity
  41. Iconic
  42. Prohibited
  43. Procrastinate
  44. Edible
  45. Hydrated
  46. Discard
  47. Gruelling
  48. Pods
  49. Disintegrate
  50. Founders
  51. Route
  52. Sponsor
  53. guarantee
  54. Retirement
  55. Trivia
  56. Errands
  57. Accommodation
  58. Reservations
  59. Demanding
  60. Paddock
  61. Captivated
  62. Scenery
  63. Incorrigible
  64. Disheartened
  65. Word-of-mouth

Parents and Teacher’s Resource

Use this page as a teaching guide and study plan with vocabulary words, enrichment videos and images that will give preliminary understanding and visual cues to help students to be well prepared when they attempt the question paper.

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