Christmas is Coming! 2014

Coolest stuff you can get for your kids this Christmas. Presents and more presents and beware, you might want one for yourself.

1) Boogie Board eWriters

Go paperless and your kids can write/draw/doodle without worrying if you are clearing a forest to do that.

2) Skatecycle

Another form of skates hits the streets. It looks like it came out from the movie TRON.

3) Giant Jenga

Ellen plays it on her show. And everyone goes nuts when it goes all wobbly. So go big… get a Giant Jenga and see everyone gather together and go wide eyed gaga. Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!

4) Lego

Lego is making a big comeback, in games, in movies, in toys, in theme parks and why not, its really an awesome way to get creative for your kids. Nothing is impossible with Lego and its all here…

5) Lomography Lomo’Instant

The latest camera from this uber fashionable art/camera/lifestyle gadget. Selfie yourself and have it on Fuji Instax format. Oh did I mention it looks so pretty? It does!

Lomo'Instant Wong Kin Leong eduKateSg
Lomo’Instant Wong Kin Leong eduKateSg

article written by Wong Kin Leong, eduKateSG Tampines St73

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