Are there any sample questions for the PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) is a crucial milestone for every student in Singapore. The English Comprehension Paper 2, a critical component of the PSLE English Examination, is designed to test students’ proficiency in reading, interpreting, and understanding various English texts.

As a part of the examination, students are often required to demonstrate an understanding of complex linguistic and literary concepts. They are tested on their ability to understand and interpret different types of texts such as narratives, discourses, and persuasive essays. They need to grasp the main idea, draw inferences, and understand the author’s perspective, tone, and intention.

In terms of sample questions, while the MOE and SEAB do not regularly release specific questions due to confidentiality, they do provide broad descriptions of the types of questions students may encounter in the Comprehension Paper 2. These can include questions that test comprehension at the literal, inferential and applied levels.

Literal comprehension questions often require students to directly retrieve information from the passage. For example, “What did John do after he finished his homework?”

Inferential questions, on the other hand, require students to read between the lines and make logical deductions based on the information in the passage. An example could be, “Why was John happy at the end of the story?”

Applied questions require students to apply their understanding of the text to new contexts or to provide personal responses or evaluations. For example, “Do you agree with John’s decision at the end of the story? Give reasons for your answer.”

Additionally, students can access various resources such as assessment books and online practice portals, which contain mock questions and practice papers modeled after the PSLE English Examination. These resources typically offer a range of questions similar to what students might expect on the actual exam, giving them ample opportunities to practice and hone their comprehension skills.

Remember, success in the PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2 stems from a deep and thorough understanding of English language concepts, consistent practice, and an aptitude for applying these concepts to various types of questions and texts. By regularly engaging with sample questions and simulated examination scenarios, students can effectively reinforce their conceptual understanding and build the confidence necessary for the actual examination.