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Slow, deliberate, conscious practice. And repeat…

You are learning with deep understanding and harnessing the ability to study efficiently. Master the curriculum, focus and categorise knowledge in your memory palace. Clarity in thought and purpose, know what you are learning, why you are learning it and gain enlightenment. Then, be prepared to put in the hard work, letting your mind go through a slow, deliberate, conscious practice to build and reinforce wisdom, improve through experiences and speed up your workflow. Improve your study skills with edu|Kate. What seems impossible is now possible—learning by edu|Kate.

Using our English language as a medium of ideas


English Tuition with Tutor Yuet Ling, we will be working on the next level of communication mastery in secondary school means we will be helping students to grasp abstract metaphysical concepts and gain the ability to compare and contrast differential views.

To be able to express their inner voice communicate to the world , evolve their formative ideas is the next level of mastery of English as a language, not only for communication, but as a medium to think and synthesise their ideas into a coherent concept.

Within this realm, students will have the ability to position their ideas and give their views, in agreement or tangential to the argument to make their ideas viable. As a linear continuation from their PSLE tuition in edu|Kate, Secondary students will be developing their voice in society and evolve their formation of ideas, which we will continuously support and provide the necessary resources for the students’ development.

This is the English program that will be presented in our tutorials and classes include all aspects needed to achieve an A1 for the GCE O’levels examinations.

Get A1 with 20 years of experience in Mathematics.


Our Math tutorials are geared for students seeking a distinction in Mathematics. Secondary Mathematic lessons at edu|Kate will be demanding but satisfying. Catering to students of all calibers, our math tuition is all about teaching in micro detail, understanding syllabus requirements fully and develop a can-do attitude to get double A1’s in the O’levels.

As tough as the GCE O level’s syllabus for both A and E Math is, we can get you that A1.

Training at edu|Kate to get A1’s is a three prong strategy: learning and understanding, spending time in practices, and preparing for the examinations by gaining experience by completing past year papers.

We have been teaching for the last 2 decade and achieved the A1 results needed using our teaching program that comes from the experience of teaching students from all walks of life and from numerous schools all around Singapore.

Our tutorials are delivered with exceptional clarity and requires students to understand our materials before attempting the past year papers that we provide.

Both E Maths and A Maths are available in small groups of 3 pax per 1.5hour sessions. Normal results from students are A1 and A2’s for their GCE O’ levels.

“Highly recommended. Small group of only 3 students. I scored an A1 for my E Maths GCE O levels after attending 2-3 years of their tutorials. Lessons are organized to help me understand as I am average in Math but they helped me to tackle the syllabi’s requirements.

Highly detailed and careful tutors. Only problem is they are result oriented so I have to make sure I don’t miss their lessons and the next lesson is a level up.”

Rae Ann Chua

Get A1 for the O’levels…we will show you how.

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