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“We teach from the beginning, and end with lots of past year papers”

Understanding the classes we teach helps our students appreciate the learning process and apply it to their school work

Lower Primary

Lower Primary lessons comprise of English and Mathematic lessons of 1.5 hours each. Science lessons are only available for Primary 3-6.

Lessons are geared towards enjoyment of the learning process and understanding topics in preparation of upper primary requirements. Tutors will concentrate on syllabus, knowledge acquisition and gently increase students’ studying skills, improve their stamina to endure the rigor of longer hours and develop abilities to tackle complex questions by the time they reach upper primary levels.

By safely increasing their workload and capabilities linearly, our lower primary students will adopt a positive attitude towards achieving standards and will lessen their fear of studying and learning.

Our Lower Primary English lessons are geared towards proper usage of English through the enjoyment of reading and tutors will help students to use English effectively as a medium of knowledge transfer.

Our Lower Primary Mathematic lessons are geared towards foundation calculations, understanding the use of mathematics in their everyday lives and solving problems in the simplest way possible. The easier it is for students to understand a problem, the faster it is for them to solve the problem.

Our Science lesson caters to Primary 3 students for the lower primary block, as there are no science allocated for Pri 1 and 2 for our Primary schools. Science lessons for eduKate students begin their journey through lessons that help them to understand the world around them.

Upper Primary

Upper Primary lessons have the added requirement of preparation for PSLE examinations, with all the work focussed on scoring in the examinations.

Furthering advanced concepts to students will be introduced for all subjects during this period and our tutors will be focussed on teaching in depth with the aim of developing clarity and understanding.

For English, we will be increasing Vocabulary, their mastery of grammar and comprehend passages. In the same vein, creative writing skills will be enhanced, including idea formation, storyboarding and improving writing skills.

For Mathematics, students will now be tackling problems sums that will use models to complete their sums using multi-prong strategies instead of simpler methodologies. Including new topics and inclusion of algebra in their work to keep things fresh and challenging, Upper Primary Mathematics train students to be accurate and quick in tackling problems in a logical way.

For Science, students are still getting used to the new subject and moving on from the foundation of Primary 3 Science. Primary 4 is a continuation of the basics and increasing knowledge of our world with inclusion of examinations to start students on the path to their PSLE.

When they reach Primary 5, it is full on with preparations for PSLE so there will be a marked jump in difficulty, especially for their long structured questions and students at eduKate will be trained to jump this gap to achieve their AL1.


Our Secondary lessons concentrate on achieving A1 for the GCE O levels. It doesn’t matter which school our student comes from, we teach them beyond the highest standards required in secondary schools.

We teach from the beginning so that our students understand their syllabi, and end with them doing a lot of past year test papers so that they are well prepared for their examinations.

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Our lessons are planned to avoid disruptions so that students goes back to school equipped with the best tools to tackle schoolwork effectively.

Secondary English lessons are geared for students to explore, firm up and deepen their intellect. Also, lessons are designed to enhance their mental acuity, hone their dialectic skills and increase their general knowledge including current affairs and news reportage.

Tuition with quite high tech teaching. The place is fully loaded with technology from the future.

Recommended by a friend who had good results for her daughter, I finally got a slot after waiting for 5 months.

Both son and daughter are with them for Secondary Mathematics and English.

Prices are high but I am a firm believer as my son went from E8 to A1 after two years with them.

Hardworking, understanding and connect well with their students. Well recommended.

Grace Chin

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