What are the elements of a good conclusion in PSLE English Composition?

Crafting an Impactful Ending: Essential Elements of a Good Conclusion in PSLE English Composition with Primary English Tuition


As the adage goes, “all’s well that ends well”, and in the PSLE English Composition, the conclusion is where your child’s story ends. A strong conclusion can leave a lasting impression on the reader, summarizing the main points, resolving the conflicts, and providing a sense of closure. This article will elaborate on the essential elements of a good conclusion in PSLE English Composition and how Primary English Tuition can help students perfect their conclusion-writing skills.

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Understanding the Role of a Conclusion

The conclusion is not merely an end to the story. It serves to:

  1. Summarize Key Events: It wraps up the main events of the story, providing a quick recap.
  2. Resolve Conflicts: Any conflicts introduced should reach their resolution by the conclusion, tying up loose ends.
  3. Deliver a Message: This is where the moral or theme of the story can be highlighted.
  4. Provide Closure: It offers a satisfying and comprehensive end, allowing the reader to depart from the story without confusion or lingering questions.

Essential Elements of a Good Conclusion


A good conclusion should be clear and concise. It should provide a quick summary of the main points and resolution without adding unnecessary details or causing confusion.


The conclusion should align with the rest of the story. It should be a natural extension of the narrative, maintaining the same tone and voice.


The conclusion should provide a sense of closure, indicating that the story has come to an end. This can be achieved by resolving all major conflicts and tying up loose ends.


A conclusion should reflect on the events of the story, often highlighting the moral or lesson learned. It provides an opportunity for the reader to think about the story’s message.

Emotional Impact

A powerful conclusion often evokes emotion in the reader. It can make the reader feel satisfied, moved, surprised, or thoughtful, leaving a lasting impression.

How Primary English Tuition Can Aid in Writing Good Conclusions

Comprehensive Guidance

Through Primary English Tuition, tutors provide comprehensive guidance on crafting effective conclusions. They break down the elements of a good conclusion, providing clear examples and techniques for students to follow.

Individual Feedback

Tutors provide individual feedback on students’ conclusions, pointing out areas of improvement and providing constructive criticism to help students refine their skills.

Ample Practice

With regular composition writing exercises, students get ample practice in writing conclusions. Practice makes perfect, and regular writing will help students get more comfortable with conclusion writing.

Examining Sample Conclusions

Tutors provide students with a range of sample conclusions from various compositions. By analysing these samples, students can learn different techniques for writing impactful conclusions.

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Parental Support in Enhancing Conclusion Writing Skills

Parents play a significant role in enhancing their child’s writing skills:

Encourage Reading

By exposing your child to a wide range of books, they can observe how different authors craft their conclusions. Discuss these endings with your child and reflect on what makes them effective.

Promote Regular Writing

Encourage your child to write regularly. Having a consistent writing practice can improve their writing skills over time, including their ability to craft effective conclusions.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Review your child’s compositions and provide constructive feedback. Praise their efforts and give suggestions on how they can improve their conclusions.

Collaborative Writing

Participate in writing exercises with your child. You can both write conclusions for the same story and compare your results. This makes the learning process more engaging and interactive.


In PSLE English Composition, a well-crafted conclusion is essential to provide a sense of closure and leave a lasting impression on the reader. It takes practice and understanding to perfect this skill, but with the help of Primary English Tuition, your child can master the art of writing effective conclusions, enhancing their overall composition writing skills.

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