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Tuition for English Mathematics and Science

Our latest on tuition for Primary English Mathematics and Science plus Secondary English, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Small groups of 3 pax, sms +65 88231234.

Kiasu season is in. Seems like everything is going on the upward trend… and.. we suspect 2023 is going to ramp up vs 2022 in terms of difficulty in the examinations which translates to the competition to enter Secondary schools and Tertiary Institutions. 2022 was an “easy” year so… 2023 is a hard year??? Let’s see… 

Also, as all parents are done going overseas with their kids and start to settle down, it will be back to the basics of getting their kids into the groove of excellence in school. The competition is back.  Primary and Secondary tuition and enrichment for English Mathematics and Science is in full swing with a lot to catch up over 2-3 years of HBL.

Meeting new signups earlier and starting to have our Primary classes back so early is the canary in the coal mine. 

With us getting back into class means we are now swinging deep into academic year 2023. The Secondary kids are already in full throttle, 3 weeks earlier. They have been working a lot harder and more serious about their work too, with majority of them scoring a lot better than in 2021. They worked real hard and attended a lot more tutorials with us.

On a really positive note, as our holiday sessions begins, we are hopeful that our tuition is going to get our students a good score for 2023. 2022 was a year to reboot and go past the pandemic as students went back to school and started physical lessons. That was a struggle of epic proportions, and out of the chrysalis, we shall all rise. Reborn, renew, wiser and stronger. Everyone is much wiser now and so much stronger. 

So optimistically onto 2023, here we go! 

Lots to do as students are learning new topics. Jittery are the P5 and P6 students today as they know how important next year means. P5 will be quite a big step up from their P4, and P6 is just pure PSLE anxiety. There are no two ways about it as the pandemic is past us now. Working hard to get the results are the order of the day. 

P5 Math tutorials for today have us working on numbers to a million. A new start to November and we are working towards the millionaires of the future. So our lesson has us telling them why they need to know larger and larger numbers. The first, and most relatable is to become millionaires. Of course, even more importantly, this world are just made of math that are just tremendous. We travel billions of kilometres through space, the amount of molecules are infinitely large. The uses just keep on going. 

Of course we help students along the way of dealing with that extra complexity. By using rather interesting takes on why our kids need to know large numbers (which will help them to pick up the knowledge faster) with relevant examples that helps them to put into perspective how relative 1 is to a 1million. Like if we show them how much more physically is 1 million, it truly hits home for them. You can also do the same with YouTube videos. Something like this https://youtu.be/TXfOzhZGtNw

We always tell the P5 kids, “you can’t dream big unless you can count big.”

Problem that comes up in this P5 Math lesson today will be carelessness. As there’s so many numbers in a million, the eye might skip some numbers. Its like a huge fish in a small tank. If you suddenly put a large arowana in a tiny fish bowl, it just becomes overwhelming. So we do have to grow the brain to accustom itself to the extra numbers. The faster the student gets that pat down, the more accurate they will become in calculation. The idea is to massage the brain to be comfortable with something bigger than it can handle. Let’s widen their horizon, an inch at a time. Suddenly stuffing it with a large arowana and what you end up with will be fractures developing along it. And that is the idea, don’t overwhelm someone, you can slowly bend it and massage it into something you want, but if you go too fast, you might just break it. The mind is fragile when new, but temper it well and it will be wonderful. 

So back to the theme of kiasuism. We are one. Unfortunately. Wear it like a badge of honour and when it comes to teaching kids, being kiasu is way better than not being one.

In class, they always get taught from scratch, we make sure no stones remain unturned. We teach ahead of all their school too. Just to be extra kiasu, we make sure when their school teacher starts, our kids are already at the end mastering the topic. We will definitely jump the gun, and give them the best possible start. Life’s unfair, get used to it. Being kiasu really makes that difference between a good grade and a great grade. But in a healthy dose in moderation of course. We don’t just go berserk and demand unreasonable from our students. Guiding with a love of learning is what we aim for. Not just shoving and swallowing information and choking them up. Tripping them now at a young age and turning them off to the love of learning will just be tragic. 

There is, I must say, a certain je ne sais quoi feel to the allure of being kiasu in the right way. Don’t just be kiasu for the sake of being kiasu. Do it to things that makes that difference. Have a priority and get on with the important ones and knock those out of the field. Then go down the line and keep on plucking away. Don’t just push in every direction or the balloon will pop. We want to guide kids towards the light. Not have them stressed out like a mighty pimple on a first date. 

Our take on being good at teaching is to grip at the right places, and as we squeeze firmly, the students will flow along the right path. Like guiding toothpaste on the toothbrush. The best way out is the most natural way out. Oddly, we do it so often we don’t even think when we do that or how we do that. 

Of course, it requires us to know our kids well. Where are they in the learning process, what is stopping them from getting better. It is all personality and character judgement that helps us to see what else, How else, When else. Sometimes, we can fix it quick. Sometimes, it takes years. But dig in deep and slowly, we see that evolution. The idea is to reinforce good learning habits. Plus, make it interesting to learn new things, enjoy the learning process and apply it to their work in school. Never a dull moment when there are so many fun and interesting things to learn in this world.

We can’t see the change how a student study over days, but over weeks and months, it will start developing and improvements will be seen. Guidance is everything. Molding them to be fantastic individuals at life is our game plan

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