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Primary 6 MGS SA2 Prelim English Paper 2021 Teaching Guide and Study Plan

Parents, Tutors and Teacher’s English Resource. Primary 6 MGS SA2 Prelim Paper 2021 Teaching Guide and Study Plan to be used in conjunction with past year examination papers.

Mood Board for 2021 SA2 MGS English Paper

Old Shophouses that are still in Singapore
Knitting a sweater
Let’s organise and declutter your home.
Your robot nanny, coming soon.

Videos for Questions 16-20. A walk around Telok Ayer area in Singapore.

Telok Ayer walking in 4K

Videos for Question 21-28. Organic farming in Singapore and high tech approach.

How we can improve our farming methods in land scarce Singapore.
What exactly does it mean to be organic?
Is vertical farming eco-friendly and the answer to food security in the future?

Videos for Question 29-38. Silverfish and what they do

Silverfish can be a pest. But what are they and are they really a pest?

Videos for Questions 39-50 Writing a letter.

A history of how letter is written and sent in the 18th Century.
Something even I need to improve on… especially difficult for a left hander.

Question 51-65 How to organise and make it simpler by Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo built an empire from organising and declutter.

Question 71-80. Robots closer to our home than ever.

This is published on 2nd May 2021. Let’s see how many years down that this becomes a common sight in all our homes.
Introducing the “Trolley Problem”, what would a robot do and what would you do? Let’s have a discussion.
The Trolley Problem. Learn more and the difference that changes due to psychological and moral choices. How do we chose? How do we process this?
But we are already having this problem with AI as there are cars that decide what to do in a “Trolley Problem” situation and there are fatal crashes involving self-driving cars in other countries.

Class discussions:

  • How important is heritage? Why should we preserve our heritage buildings?
  • Writing letters are becoming a lost art with the use of emails and electronic messaging systems. Is there a need to learn letter writing anymore?
  • Farming in Singapore is now more important then ever with Covid pandemic showing us food security is an issue not to be taken lightly. What else can we do to improve our situation in resource and land scarce Singapore? Also, talk about organic food and the advantageous/disadvantageous from food that might have pesticides.
  • Pests can be a problem, but why do they exist? Are they truly pests or is it just an inconvenience to humans? They probably exist for a good reason. What are they?
  • Robots are working at factories in place of human. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Also, AI (artificial intelligence) will take a bigger space in our future life, so what are the advantages and disadvantages that this might bring, after watching the videos about the Trolley Problem?

Enrichment Score: 79%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Information and Study Programme for Pri 6 SCGS English SA2 Prelim Paper 2020.

Vocabulary List to be learnt before attempting this paper.

  1. discipline
  2. pleaded
  3. desperate
  4. peer
  5. interaction
  6. anxiety
  7. coping
  8. contributed
  9. deprived
  10. regulated
  11. enlivened
  12. deteriorate
  13. zestful
  14. dynamic
  15. immobile
  16. energetic
  17. amid
  18. relief
  19. agony
  20. misery
  21. aggravation
  22. fell out
  23. fell over
  24. fell behind
  25. fell through
  26. enthusiast
  27. ban
  28. inactively
  29. zealously
  30. lethargic
  31. half-hearted
  32. quaint
  33. immigrant
  34. designate
  35. significant
  36. enchanted
  37. settlers
  38. sightseer
  39. primitive
  40. trivial
  41. specific
  42. unveil
  43. unload
  44. unwind
  45. unleash
  46. organic
  47. harvest
  48. free-roam
  49. reservation
  50. retreat
  51. allergy
  52. silverfish
  53. nocturnal
  54. assumption
  55. moulting
  56. husk
  57. eradicate
  58. adept
  59. humidifiers
  60. declutter
  61. consultant
  62. discard
  63. intention
  64. prosperity
  65. visualise
  66. practical
  67. pertaining
  68. woe
  69. monitor
  70. trustworthy
  71. caregiver
  72. enthusiastic
  73. mingle
  74. retorted
  75. sales representative
  76. technician
  77. gleeful
  78. trial
  79. matron
  80. agape
  81. intimidating
  82. boomed
  83. chirpy
  84. rebooted
  85. commanded
  86. macaroni soup
  87. hilarious
  88. analyse
  89. situation
  90. competent
  91. hire
  92. hefty
  93. penalty
  94. contract
  95. depth
  96. stomp
  97. haughtily
  98. swift
  99. characteristic

Parents and Teacher’s Resource

Use this page as a teaching guide and study plan with vocabulary words, enrichment videos and images that will give preliminary understanding and visual cues to help students to be well prepared when they attempt the question paper.

Answers are found here:

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