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Primary 5 Henry Park SA2 English Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan

Students’, Parents’, Tutors’ and Teachers’ English Resource. Primary 5 EOY Henry Park SA2 Test Paper 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan to be used in conjunction with past year examination papers.

Mood Board for 2020 P5 SA2 Henry Park English Paper

Special relationships with our animals. We work easier with animals around.
Plastic Waste is becoming a problem for Earth.
Family of otters
Leopards are magnificent but endangered animals.

Videos for Questions 16-20. 3 Lions saved a girl from being kidnapped.

Lions guarding a girl
A Beluga whale retrieving a handphone dropped by a girl into the water.

Videos for Question 29-38. Plastics are becoming a problem for us.

Plastics ending up in the ocean
What is microplastics?
We are eating micro plastics.
Plastics are killers.
What we do with our trash in Singapore

Question 29-38. Otters in Singapore.

Otters are doing well in Singapore.
What you can find at Sungei Buloh.

Videos for Questions 51-65 Lizards and what they are.

Chameleons and lizards sees in colour
Lizards in Singapore by BBC

Question 71-80 Leopards and Extinction.

The author and him explaining why he wrote the story.
Leopards are black too.

Class discussions:

  • There’s a need to make our world a better place for animals and plants. We might be taking too much of their land and poaching with our need for more resources. Are there ways we can solve this? Can we live and coexist with animals?
  • Extinction of animals caused by poaching. Why do people poach? Who are the poachers? Also there are hunters killing animals for fun as a sport. Is it really a sport? Why do people still do it?
  • Plastic in the sea is killing a lot of animals. Find out more about what is happening to this problem.

Enrichment Score: 75%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Information and Study Programme for Pri 5 Henry Park English SA2 Prelim Paper 2020.

Vocabulary List to be learnt before attempting this paper.

  1. relief
  2. courage
  3. approachable
  4. took to
  5. took in
  6. took up
  7. took after
  8. outwit
  9. task
  10. strategy
  11. challenge
  12. like a raging bull
  13. like a moth to a flame
  14. like a cat on hot bricks
  15. like ripples from a stone thrown in a pond
  16. subsided
  17. debris
  18. intruding
  19. inquisitive
  20. interfering
  21. informative
  22. fatal
  23. ruthless
  24. empathy
  25. protected
  26. retreated
  27. testimony
  28. unthinkable
  29. strict
  30. hostile
  31. severe
  32. vicious
  33. option
  34. motive
  35. consent
  36. restricted
  37. influenced
  38. concerned
  39. evade
  40. withdrew
  41. abandoned
  42. response
  43. allegation
  44. statement
  45. discussion
  46. heritage
  47. rediscover
  48. organiser
  49. re-live
  50. unveil
  51. oasis
  52. peace
  53. tranquil
  54. cuisine
  55. maze
  56. documented
  57. serenity
  58. ambience
  59. sacred
  60. incorporate
  61. architecture
  62. enchanted
  63. cultural
  64. showcasing
  65. depart
  66. dismissal
  67. indulge
  68. entails
  69. assemble
  70. asterisk
  71. emphasise
  72. origin
  73. inspired
  74. aspects
  75. recycle
  76. offshore
  77. alternative
  78. consequence
  79. contributor
  80. curb
  81. territory
  82. habitat
  83. conducive
  84. wetlands
  85. inhabit
  86. regulate
  87. metabolism
  88. chameleon
  89. unique
  90. panoramic
  91. independently
  92. trials
  93. opponent
  94. ravine
  95. abundance
  96. emerge
  97. haven
  98. sanctuary
  99. leisurely
  100. accustomed
  101. stroll
  102. amplified
  103. extinction
  104. deforestation
  105. conclusion
  106. partially

Parents and Teacher’s Resource

Use this page as a teaching guide and study plan with vocabulary words, enrichment videos and images that will give preliminary understanding and visual cues to help students to be well prepared when they attempt the question paper.

Answers are found here:

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