2019 Primary English Tuition Small Group Yishun English Tuition Small Group

P5 Katong English Tuition

New Pri5 P5 Primary5 Katong English classes opened for 2020! Call +65 88231234 for Katong English Tuition Classes in Small Groups Primary 1 2 3 4 5 6 PSLE and Sec 1 2 3 4 5 GCE N levels GCE O levels.

Katong English Tuition. Pri and Sec English Tutors. Enjoy learning in our friendly classes. Katong tutors conduct Primary English Mathematics and Science tuition in small groups of 3 pax. Materials provided, teaching from scratch and exam prep work with past year papers. Talented hardworking tutors, call to find out more how we can get you a proper training methodology for distinctions in examinations.

Katong English Tuition with Yuet Ling helping PSLE and GCE O levels Katong English students to improve their ability to communicate and improve their linguistic competence in both the passive reading/listening and active speaking/writing process of the English Language.

Our Katong English tuition helps students to garner the language abilities to communicate effectively. 

Katong English Tutor. Small group 3 pax English tuition for Katong. English Tuition for Primary and Secondary.

1.5 hours per week for Primary 1-6 including PSLE tutorials.

English tuition will cover and exceed Paper 1 and Paper 2 requirements, including both Compositions and Comprehension. 

Katong English tutor for Singapore works on both Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the PSLE and GCE O levels papers. Our English tutors also cater to the IB and IP programmes, give us a call to find out more.

English Tuition at Katong in Small Groups 3 pax.

Katong English tuition with Tutor Yuet Ling. With Singapore school’s requirement for English as a First language, our primary aim in teaching English are highly focussed on tasking English student’s communication skills to be competent as well as to be an effective, accurate and efficient tool to absorb and relay information to others.

Call us to know more about our KatongKatong English Tuition

Yuet Ling in Thailand doing a hike and looking fashionable in leech guards
Tutor Yuet Ling with Primary Students and our Semester 2017 T Shirts.
Tutor Yuet Ling in Cambridge University, King’s College, UK.
Our students getting school awards for excellence in their class.
Tutors customise classes for students, tailoring to their skill level, pace and studying habits. We factor in their studying character so that all students learn at their optimum level. Calibrating to their needs are part of our tuition expertise.
Process of creative writing, maintain a structure whilst the mind runs free and creative. Students seen here coming up with ideas and paring it down to make a smooth flowing sensible composition
Cape Otway, Melbourne, Australia Pri Englsh and Math Tutor Yuet Ling
Yuet Ling, Great Ocean Road, Australia
Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne, Australia. Theatre going. PSLE English Vocabulary Small Group Tuition
Our students thinking of ways to do that sum. Its our job to make sure they get a thorough fun exercise of their brain during class
KatongKatong Tuition are student-centric with an optimum tutor/student ratio. We also make sure they enjoy their lessons. Learn better when happier.
We randomly took a photo to show you how our students do their work. Perfectly neat, on both students, and organised logical working. I did say we want them to be the best, and nothing like the rest.
Teach to understand Pri Science, acquire knowledge, be a scientist
Katong Tutors attending to Primary students when they find it difficult to understand
Our tutorial classes are small group of 6 pax max.
Science students are taught to think like a scientist in our Science tuition. To be a scientist and then think logically to get through the questions that are presented in their Examinations.
Secondary Math Lesson doing past year papers
Asking questions, an important step to make sure every doubt will be cleared before the examinations
eduKate Tuition for Secondary Schools at Tampines, Marina Bay, Katong for Maths Science English Primary Secondary
Student attempting @ Sec 3, English MOE GCE O-levels Exam Papers TYS
Katong Tutor, Tampines Tutor, IGCSE Mathematics IP IB RJC ACJC VS SJI Programme Math with Dunman High Student. SAP Student from Anglican High. A Math from St Hilda New York,
Katong English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors
IB Tuition Centre Tampines English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors
Katong Tutor at eduKate SG Experience Best Female Tutors in Katong for Small Group Tuition Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6 PSLE SEAB
IB Diploma Maths education singapore PSLE English Tuition Singapore singapore education system english tuition in singapore
PSLE SEAB English Vocabulary Creative Writing Composition Comprehension Singapore Tutorial Tuition Education
English Education Tuition Katong
Maths Tuition Centre Tampines English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors
English Tuition Centre Tampines English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors
Tampines Tuition Centre Maths English Science
Katong English Tuition Vocabulary Word List
top RJC SAJC ACJC TPJC Female Tutors in eduKate Singapore
It is imperative that we correct students early on to build a strong foundation.
IP IB RJC ACJC VS SJI Programme Math with Dunman High Student. SAP Student from Anglican High. A Math
Tuition by eduKate for Secondary A Math Small group Tutor
eduKateSG Primary Students at KatongKatong SEAB Primary School Tuition Primary 4
P6 eduKate Students at Tampines Tuition Centre goes to Climb Central for eduKate Holistic Programme

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