Katong E Maths Tutor for Sec 2

Katong Sec 2 Elementary Mathematics Tuition Call +65 88231234 for E Maths in Katong. E Maths Tutor in Katong. Maths Tuition in small groups of 3 pax for Katong with latest MOE SEAB guidelines.

Give us a call for our Math tuition at Katong.

Mathematics tuition centre for GCE O levels Syllabus Sec 3 and 4 Add Math and E Math Tuition at Secondary 4 and Sec 3 level. Katong Math Tutor with 20 years of experience and teaches from scratch to get A1 grades. 

Come join us! Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 level Additional Mathematics tuition for Katong. Enjoy learning and understanding as we teach everything from scratch. 

Right, let’s get an A1 for Additional Mathematics and Elementary Maths, I have been teaching the last two decades, which is more than the 10,000 hours needed to master a skill. My students attain A’s in their examinations, from all levels (including a fail in the exams, nothing fazes me) so give me a call and find out how I can turn the tides. Always a pleasure to see my students improve. Call me! It’s that easy.   Secondary Maths Tuition for A Maths and E Maths. Secondary Maths Tuition for A Maths and E Maths. 

Working on the latest SEAB MOE syllabus with Katong tutors before the school teaches it. Making sure our students understand fully before we work on their exam questions helps them to gain confidence in their school. 

Finally know what questions are asking for, and get every point to score A1 in your GCE O levels A Maths examinations. 

20 years of experience teaching students to score A1. We teach you from scratch, understand the topic and how to score for the examination.

A Math Tuition for Secondary. Call us at +65 82226327.

Katong Math tuition following SEAB MOE syllabus by teaching from scratch all the topics required by the latest syllabus. SEAB MOE Add Math tuition are small group tutorials of 3 pax.

Call Yuet Ling +65 82226327 for more information and class schedules of our A Maths Tuition.

Our Maths Tuition programme concentrates on changing the attitudes of students, inculcating study skills that keeps on evolving our students to be the better student. Teaching from scratch, our Programme explains and helps students to understand the concepts in the Syllabus.

With knowledge, they embark on getting their practice down on paper, ramping up their learning curve as they advance and covering the canvas of knowledge needed to attempt all the questions in their tests and examinations. As they settle into their newfound studying skills, we will continue with training them and ramping up theirs learning curve, making them more efficient in studying, memorizing their work, and continuously practicing to keep their errant mistakes at bay. Our lessons are comprehensive and lessons are structured to help students  climb the ladder.

Lower the threshold and fear of studying if you don’t spend all your time studying hard by studying smart. Education and Enrichment from experienced and dedicated tutors. If you need the tutor that you can trust to work with, give us a call. We’ll get you your distinction. As part of our Secondary Math IP IGCSE GCE O level Math tuition, we at eduKate Singapore are tutors that have the experience to produce a positive change in our students and we understand students to have them enjoy… We have developed the methodology to improve students from an F9 to an A1. Over the last two decades, we have been teaching students from all grades and schools, seeing them achieve distinctions in their Examinations.

Singapore Math tuition in small group. Available lessons English mathematics and science tuition
Doing Ten Year Series and highlighting weaknesses are important to improving. Here a student realises his need to practise more on R formula in Add Maths.
Students are all in for the GCE O level A Maths examinations. Preparations are afoot and most importantly to cover all bases, batten the hatches and prepare for the impending storm
Making a mistake is a good thing during our tuition, which means he wises up and knows where he went wrong. Our tutor needs to guide them properly, and in time, weed out most of the mistakes for A1 in GCE O levels.
A student’s studying skills must always include patience and the tenacity to sit and focus long hours in preparation of the GCE O levels.
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