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Free Test Papers 2019 English (2019 ACS Primary 6 SA2 Comprehension)

Free Test Papers 2019 English Comprehension Extended (2019 ACS Primary 6 SA2 Comprehension) Free Test Papers English Comprehension Extended (Vocabulary Lists) 2019 ACS Pri 6 SA2 Comprehension (download pdf version here 2019 Pri 6 SA2 ACS Comprehension Free Test English) The following passage is from 2019 ACS Primary 6 SA2 Preliminary Examinations. For the comprehension section, we train our students with the following:

Free Test Papers English Comprehension Extended (includes Vocabulary Lists). Primary School exam papers 2019. SG test papers 2019. Free test papers for Primary 6 Pri 6 P6. Primary School exam papers 2019.

2019 ACS Pri 6 SA2 Comprehension

(download pdf version here 2019 Pri 6 SA2 ACS Comprehension Free Test English)

The following passage is from 2019 ACS Primary 6 SA2 Preliminary Examinations. For the comprehension section, we train our students with the following:

At eduKate (Singapore) Tuition Centre, we have a supplementary section that we go through with our English students, including reading along the passage and have extra information that will help our students to understand the passage better.

To be used in conjuction with the actual comprehension, we have included vocabulary, idioms and information related to the passage before having our students attempt the comprehension section.

Comprehension Passage

I decided to pay my grandparents a visit one Saturday afternoon. Grandfather had been ill lately and I knew my visit would certainly cheer him up. “Knock. Knock.” I whispered. No answer. I looked at the figure sitting quietly at the corner of the room. Grandfather was staring forlornly at something on his lap. He seemed to be deep in thoughts. The active and astute man had become quiet and dazed.

“Oh, hello, Sir!” Siti, his helper greeted me cheerfully.

Has he eaten? I asked. She nodded happily. Siti had been helping Grandmother with her chores for ten years. Now she was Grandfather’s main caregiver, looking after him round the clock. I noticed that Grandfather perked up as he listened to our conversation. Without looking up, he patted me lightly on my head. It was a picture of him and his army buddies stylishly perched on their motorcycles. Yes, motorcycles. A topic that I was told never to bring up. The last time I mentioned them, I was reprimanded severely.

My sister, Kim, and I were practically raised by my grandparents. My parents were so busy with their business that we ended up living with our grandparents for almost ten years. After a while, we got used to their absence. Grandmother was a gentle lady who saw to our every need. She gave us her love and attention. Grandfather, on the other hand, was more of a disciplinarian as he was a retired army captain. However, once in a while, he eased up and played with us. As time passed, we became an inseparable family of four!

I remembered my first Christmas with them. I came home crying one day as my classmates had jeered at me for believing in Santa. When Grandmother heard that, she snorted, “What” No Santa? I have heard that rumour for years. Ridiculous! Don’t believe them!” Since Grandmother always told the truth, I took her word for it. We also had a fair share of silly moments with Grandfather. I used to love playing the ‘beautician’ with Grandfather. When he was in a good mood, he would allow me to style his hair with his comb. I would go to the sink, wet the comb and style his hair in different ways. Soon Kim joined in the fun. It never occurred to us that she was not tall enough to reach the sink and yet her comb was always wet. Later, by coincidence, Grandmother discovered the source of her wet comb- the drain behind the house! That discovery ended our ‘styling’session.

I remember an incident that affected Grandfather emotionally. It was my twelfth birthday and he wanted to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. I was thrilled! When the engine roared, I knew I was going to have the greatest ride of my lifetime. He took me around the neighbourhood a couple of times. Just as we were about to complete our last leg, something unfortunate happened. A cat had crossed our path and Grandfather swerved to avoid it. This resulted in him losing control of the motorcycle. Both of us ended up in a bush. We were lucky that we only had minor cuts and bruises. That incident left an indelible mark on Grandfather but not me. He never rode his motorcycle again! I was also forbidden from getting a motorcycle licence when I turned eighteen. However, I got my licence secretly a year ago.

“Sir, Grandpa wants me to give you this,” Siti interrupted my thoughts. She handed me an envelope. That’s strange, I thought. I opened it and a key dropped out. Puzzled, I turned to Siti. She smiled and pointed a card in the envelope. I pulled it out and saw a familiar handwriting. “Grandma was always right. Who says there’s no Santa?” it read. “I have something to show you, Sir. You will certainly like it,” she said. I swiftly followed her. I could not believe my eyes when I saw a gleaming blue two wheeler that rendered me speechless. “ He loves you,” Siti said softly. I wondered why Grandfather had changed his mind. However, I still could not get over the excitement of having my first motorcycle. I finally realised he had a softer side to him.

Supplementary for Teachers/Tutors/Parents.

Welcome to eduKate (Singapore) Tuition Centre. The following are guides that will help students to ease themselves into answering the comprehension section.


  1. figure
  2. forlornly
  3. active
  4. astute
  5. dazed
  6. chores
  7. caregiver
  8. perked up
  9. transfixed
  10. stylish
  11. perched
  12. reprimanded
  13. severe
  14. practically
  15. disciplinarian
  16. retired
  17. inseparable
  18. jeered
  19. snorted
  20. conversation
  21. coincidence
  22. occured
  23. discovered
  24. incident
  25. thrilled
  26. roared
  27. swerved
  28. indelible
  29. forbidden
  30. license
  31. interrupted
  32. familiar
  33. swiftly
  34. gleaming
  35. speechless

Idioms related to this passage:

  • A Penny for your thoughts.” Used when protagonist meets grandfather in deep thought.
  • Best of both worlds.” Used when they had a loving grandmother and disciplinarian grandfather.
  • Can’t judge a book by its cover” Used when protagonist realise his grandfather has a softer side.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining” Used when the missing overworked parents replaced by loving grandparents.
  • On the ball” Used when the grandmother knew the protagonist was sad after being jeered at about Santa.

Interesting things to teach your child/student related to this passage.

1) Black cats crossing your path is considered bad luck. Superstition are as follows: (citing

Superstition, prejudice, bringer of good or bad luck[edit]

The folklore surrounding black cats varies from culture to culture. Scottish lore holds that a strange black cat’s arrival to the home signifies prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the Cat sìth takes the form of a black cat. Black cats are also considered good luck in the rest of Britain and Japan.[5] Furthermore, it is believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors.[6] In Western history, black cats have typically been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically being suspected of being the familiars of witches, or actually shape-shifting witches themselves. Most of Europe considers the black cat a symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path in front of a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death. In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person’s path from right to left, is a bad omen. But from left to right, the cat is granting favorable times.[7] In the United Kingdom it is commonly considered that a black cat crossing a person’s path is a good omen.[8]

The black cat in folklore has been able to change into human shape to act as a spy or courier for witches or demons. When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, they brought with them a devout faith in the Bible. They also brought a deepening suspicion of anything deemed of Satan and were a deeply suspicious group. They viewed the black cat as a companion, or a familiar to witches. Anyone caught with a black cat would be severely punished or even killed. They viewed the black cat as part demon and part sorcery.[9][unreliable source?]These superstitions led people to kill black cats. There is no evidence from England of regular large-scale massacres of “satanic” cats, or of burning them in midsummer bonfires, as sometimes occurred elsewhere in Europe.[10]

In contrast, the supernatural powers ascribed to black cats were sometimes viewed positively; for example, sailors considering a “ship’s cat” would want a black one because it would bring good luck. [11] Sometimes, fishermen’s wives would keep black cats at home too, in the hope that they would be able to use their influence to protect their husbands at sea (see Ship’s cat).

Pirates of the 18th century believed that a black cat would bring different kinds of luck. If a black cat walks towards someone, that person will have bad luck. If a black cat walks away from someone, then that person will have good luck.

Conversely in the United Kingdom if a black cat walks towards someone, it is said to bring good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.[8] If a black cat walks onto a ship and then walks off it, the ship is doomed to sink on its next trip.

2) In Singapore, domestic help is a common relief for families with two working parents.

  • (from There are many reasons to hire a domestic helper in Singapore. You might be a new family with young children and two working parents.You might be looking for help to take care of your aging parents who may need more attention than you can afford to give them due to your work commitments. Or may you just need someone to maintain the house and cook your meals while you’re busy earning those big bucks at work.
  • There were 201,000 Domestic Helpers in 2010.
  • Foreign Domestic Helpers are the preferred term for domestic workers as it recognises the workers’ status and respect them for the importance this industry has in Singapore.

3) Singapore’s age to obtain a motorcycle license is 18. With three types of licences.

  • Class 2B engine capacity 200cc and below
  • Class 2A engine capacity 201-400 cc plus holding Class 2B for at least 1 year
  • Class 2 engine capacity above 400 cc plus holding Class 2A for at least 1 year

4) Christmas in Singapore 2019 as an effort are celebrated with the following

  • Orchard Road Road Christmas Light Up.
  • Buskers and carolling in Orchard Road
  • Christmas Village at *SCAPE
  • Christmas Countdown at Orchard Road
  • Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay


71) The writer went to his grandparent’s place to pay them a visit.

71) The active and astute man had become quiet and dazed.

73) i) grandfather patted the writer lightly on his head. ii) grandfather perked up as he listened to the conversation between the writer and Siti.

74 a) practically raised by

74 b) jeered

75 them- motorcycles

The fun- styling grandfather’s hair

The greatest ride- the motorcyle ride on the writer’s birthday

76) She comforted the writer when he was bullied by his classmates about Santa. She old him not to believe them.


He secretly obtained his motorcyle secretly even when he was forbidden to do so.

77) 3, 2, 1

78) False. Grandmother found out by coincidence.

False. Grandfather still rode the motorcycle until he had the accident with the writer.

True. She told the writer he would like his gift and knew where it was.

79) excited, unafraid.

80) The writer was given a motorcycle as a present at the end even though his grandfather was upset by the mention of motorcycles due to their accident.

Free test papers Primary 6 ACS Comprehension SA2 PrelimnFree test papers Primary 6 ACS Comprehension SA2 PrelimnFree test papers Primary 6 ACS Comprehension SA2 PrelimnFree test papers Primary 6 ACS Comprehension SA2 Prelimn

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