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NIE/MOE School Teacher conducting Orchard English Tuition. Welcome to eduKate Orchard English Tuition Centre with our Orchard English tutor with 20 years in the business helping Yishun students to improve their ability to communicate and their linguistic competence in both the passive reading/listening and active speaking/writing process of the English Language.

Orchard English Primary Tutor for Bukit Timah. Attend our OrchardEnglish Primary Tuition Centre at Orchard. Orchard English Tuition Pri1 Pri2 Pri3 Pri4 Pri5 Pri6 Sec1 Sec2 Sec3 Sec4 English Tutor teaching latest MOE SEAB English, working on both Paper1 and Paper2 English Comprehension and Composition included.

Our main aim is to teach Ecopolitan students critical thinking and perform in their examinations. They will acquire the skills to effectively communicate their ideas and understand the ideas presented in their MOE English syllabus examinations for both the Comprehension and Composition sections. A section of our Orchard English lessons are focussed on widening the general knowledge our students to comprehend the ever increasing complex ideas required to present a well balanced and well informed answer needed in the examination.

Different themes and ideas will be presented to our Orchard English students, with constant updates to keep our topics relevant. One of the ways to have students develop a good command of language is to be able to keep students interested in their field of interests. Understand how English can be used to learn more of what they love, be it science, math, their hobbies, etc. The idea is to help them acquire their distinct set of vocabulary/lingo that they can use to learn, then grow their English mastery henceforth.

English Language Tuition as First Language

With Singapore school’s requirement for English as a First language, our aim in teaching English are highly focussed on tasking English student’s communication skills to be competent as well as to be an effective, accurate and efficient tool to absorb and relay information.

It is Singapore’s main language of communication and it is imperative that our student’s English Language skills are on parity with the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education to study well in school. It is the main skill that will help students to perform consistently across their other subjects as their ability to understand and use English effectively will help them to comprehend what is taught in class and asked in tests.

English should be treated as our native language, to be the main Lingua franca for a cosmopolitan Singapore where over generations, English has been integrated well into our everyday life. As a first language, the focus of our tuition will be to task our Yishun English students to learn the skills needed to communicate proficiently for both their studies in school as well as for their everyday life.

With that in mind, our Yishun English classes are geared to teach and train our students to be able to understand the media that they read or hear, and to have the ability to express and communicate their complex thoughts and ideas to others naturally. Any improvements in information absorption and dissemination will automatically translate to cognitive skills and ultimately, help students to do well in their studies.

Give us a call at +65 88231234 for more information on our eduKate Orchard English classes.

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