eduKate Tuition Centre Holistic Science Programme. Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling

For our holistic programme for the December holidays, Punggol tutor Ms Yuet Ling brought students to go indoor rock climbing for the Upper Primary Science students. They learnt Forces and Biology during their Science tuition with Ms Yuet Ling, and put all they have learnt during this outing. They learnt friction, propulsion, gravity and free fall, how their body requires oxygen, heart beat and fatigue of muscles during their 6 hour session. Of course, they also learnt how to follow important instructions, manage safety and equipment, team work and also a never give up attitude that is so important in their studies.

Punggol tutor Yuet Ling takes care of me… all the time. edukate PSLE student attends Holiday Programme for Holistic Development, Empowerment and Team Building
eduKate PSLE Students getting Instruction on safety and equipment during social team building 2014 Holistic programme. Importance of staying safe and being responsible is learnt here.
equipment briefing and being taught about their equipment. eduKate PSLE tuition class goes for their enrichment class at climb central. They learn to be confident and never to give up till they reach the top. plus their own bodies and physical properties. Science combines with mental strength in a real world situation.
Fine detail makes the difference. last check before we head out- eduKate Students gets final safety check by Climb Central Staff. Learning a new skill, equipment and peripheral in a short amount of time is the lesson here.
the girls are having a great time and excited to go up that wall…
Happy faces and definitely all rearing to climb some wall. All equipped and patience

Socialising and making great friends are important for children to have a wide circle of friends.

Trust. the first step is the hardest, but its all worth it. student’s learn how to trust each other, taking care of each other and being responsible in a critical safety situation. eduKate builds students characters, and we definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill tuition centres.
edukate student goes up Climb Central for Holiday enrichment programme primary school PSLE SEAB
how can I improve? Where did I go wrong? Analysing a climb helps students to be aware of themselves. did you get a nice photo of me?? can you send it to my mom?? social skills, close ties with our parents and taking great care of our student’s development. eduKate wants to make the best and smartest Singaporeans, one student at a time.
Finally first to reach the top. Now how do I get down?
I fell off a wall… and it was awesome! eduKate Student learns to fall and dust off the disappointment, persevere through the pain and get to the top. Learning science for free fall, force management and centre of gravity while having fun doing that.
P6 eduKate Students goes to Climb Central for eduKate Holistic Programme
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