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New Singapore MOE PSLE EL syllabus 2015: candidates acquires the new freedom to write all types of composition with multiple perspectives given the 3 visuals in their PSLE exams. In this blog, we shall break down what types of compositions that can be attempted.

Type 1) Descriptive

This is where a composition is written by describing a scene, a person, or an event so vividly that it is as if the reader is there. It is almost like the real thing and descriptive words are used effectively to project the reader into the story. Weather, what one smells, looks, talks and every detail is described with great effect to do this.

Type 2) Narrative

This is a story telling kind of composition where the reader gains an insight or learns a lesson into the topic that the student is writing. Written in first, second or third person narrative, the plot usually tells a story that entwines a moral teaching or lesson about a themed idea to be learnt for the reader.  Descriptive writing skills can be incorporated into a narrative writing so that the characters and the setting comes to life.

Type 3) Expository

This is a fact telling composition. It is not about what one thinks, it is more what is real and true. There are 4 main types of expository writing.

  1. Descriptive– describing how something look, feel, taste, works.
  2. Sequential-writing how something works in chronological order.
  3. Comparative-compare and contrasting the facts at hand and deliberate on what works.
  4. Cause and Effect– the relationship between the topics and how something affects the other.
  5. Problem and Solution– telling a problem that is at hand and come up with a viable solution.

Type 4) Argumentative

To argue on a main point, giving support to an argument and offer a counter argument. Offer views and convince the audience/reader that the point is true and valid. Persuasion skills and logical argument skills are honed in this type of compositions.

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eduKateSG at Punggol, Singapore Tuition Centre