What to buy for my child to prepare for in PSLE English Language Examinations

Things to buy for PSLE English Examinations

As a parent, you play a crucial role in helping your child prepare for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) English Language examinations. One of the most significant aspects of the English paper is the grammar section, and having the right resources can significantly improve your child’s understanding and mastery of English grammar. This article aims to guide you on what to buy and consider in helping your child prepare for the grammar section of the PSLE English Language examinations.

Grammar Workbooks

Grammar workbooks are an excellent resource for learning English grammar. They provide a structured way to learn grammar rules and practice applying them through exercises. These workbooks typically cover all grammar topics in the PSLE English Language syllabus, including tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, and more. Some good grammar workbooks for PSLE preparation include the “Conquer Grammar” series and “Primary English – Thematic Composition Writing and Grammar Practice”.

Reading Materials

Reading is an effective way to learn grammar in context. Regular reading can expose your child to correct grammatical structures and enhance their language skills. Consider investing in age-appropriate books, magazines, and newspapers. Classic children’s books such as those by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, and E.B. White are great choices as they offer rich language and compelling stories.

Online Grammar Programs

In this digital age, there are plenty of online grammar programs that offer interactive learning experiences. These platforms typically include video lessons, quizzes, and games, making learning grammar fun and engaging. Examples include Grammarly, Khan Academy, and BBC Learning English.


Flashcards are an effective learning tool that can aid in memorizing grammar rules. You can buy pre-made grammar flashcards or make your own with your child, which can be a fun and educational activity.

Practice Papers

Past year PSLE English Language examination papers or assessment books with practice papers can provide your child with a realistic idea of what to expect in the actual exam. These papers will allow your child to apply the grammar rules they have learned and receive feedback on their understanding.

Hiring a Tutor

If your child is struggling with grammar, you might want to consider hiring a private tutor. A good tutor can provide personalized guidance and help your child strengthen their understanding of English grammar.

Preparing for the PSLE English Examination means ensuring you have all the necessary materials for both your study sessions and the actual exam day. Here’s a table that provides an organized list of items you might consider:

Study MaterialsGrammar WorkbooksFor practice and reinforcing grammar concepts.
Vocabulary BooksTo expand vocabulary and understand word usage.
Past PSLE English PapersFamiliarization with the exam format and practice under timed conditions.
English Literature/Reading BooksEnhance reading comprehension, vocabulary, and understanding of different writing styles.
English Composition GuidesProvides guidance on essay writing and common themes/topics.
Highlighters & Colored PensFor highlighting important points during revision.
Dictionary & ThesaurusUnderstand word meanings and find synonyms/antonyms. Use ones that comply with exam regulations if any.
Exam Day EssentialsAdmission SlipProof of registration for the exam. Ensure you have this before the exam day.
Identity Card or Passport (For verification)Verify your identity before entering the exam hall.
Black or Blue Ballpoint PensFor writing. Some exams specify the color, so check in advance.
Pencil & EraserFor making provisional notes or if multiple-choice answers need to be shaded.
SharpenerKeep pencils sharp for clear writing.
Clear Plastic PouchTo carry all writing instruments. Some exam venues may require transparent pouches for stationery.
Analog Watch (if allowed)To manage time during the exam. Digital watches or smartwatches might not be allowed in some venues.
Well-beingWater BottleStay hydrated. Some exam venues might have specific regulations about bottle labels, so check in advance.
Snack (e.g., energy bar)For quick energy during breaks, especially if there are back-to-back papers.
Jacket or SweaterIn case the examination room is cold.

Remember to:

  • Always check the specific rules and regulations provided by the examination board or school for what is and isn’t allowed during the examination.
  • Prepare everything you need the night before the exam to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Make sure all writing instruments are in good working condition.

Here’s a checklist to help you be fully prepared for the PSLE English Examination:

CategoryTask/ItemStatus (To be filled by you)Notes
Study PreparationComplete Grammar WorkbooksEnsure all exercises are attempted and corrections are made.
Review Vocabulary BooksMake flashcards for difficult words.
Practice with Past PSLE English PapersTime yourself to simulate actual exam conditions.
Read Literature/BooksHelps improve comprehension and vocabulary.
Review Composition Guides & Practice WritingAim for diverse topics. Ask someone to review your essays.
Organize Study NotesKeep a folder or binder for easy access.
Materials CheckEnsure pens, pencils, erasers are in good conditionHave spares just in case.
Check that clear plastic pouch is readyTo carry writing instruments into the exam hall.
Prepare Admission SlipMust-have to be allowed into the exam.
Identity Document (IC/Passport)Needed for verification purposes.
Well-beingSleep well the night beforeA well-rested mind performs better.
Prepare a light, nutritious breakfast for exam dayAvoid overly heavy or greasy foods.
Pack water and a snackStay hydrated and keep energy levels up.
Keep a jacket or sweater readyIn case the exam room is cold.
Mental PreparationPractice deep breathing or relaxation techniquesHelps with exam anxiety.
Review exam format and timingFamiliarize yourself with the structure to manage time better.
Post-ExamPlan a light activity or treat after the examSomething to look forward to and relax.

This checklist is comprehensive but can be tailored based on individual needs. As you approach the exam, make sure to tick off tasks/items to track your preparedness. All the best with your PSLE English Examination!


In conclusion, investing in grammar workbooks, reading materials, online grammar programs, flashcards, practice papers, and possibly a private tutor, can go a long way in helping your child prepare for the grammar section of the PSLE English Language examinations. It’s important to remember that while these resources are beneficial, your support and encouragement as a parent are just as crucial in your child’s learning journey.

Good luck with your PSLE English Examination!

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