Top 20 English Idioms used for PSLE Composition on topic Speed

Top 20 English Idioms for PSLE Composition on the Topic of Speed: An In-Depth Guide to Improving, Learning, and Preparing


Mastering idioms can be a game-changer in scoring well for the PSLE Composition section. This article focuses on the top 20 English idioms used for PSLE Composition on the topic of Speed. We’ll also delve into proven strategies on how to improve and learn these idioms, prepare for the composition writing, and reasons why learning these idioms is beneficial.

Summary for Parents

  • Familiarise your child with the top 20 idioms related to speed.
  • Encourage regular practice to help them master these idioms.
  • Develop a strategy to effectively use these idioms in compositions.
  • Understand why these idioms are crucial for boosting composition scores.

Top 20 English Idioms on the Topic of Speed

  1. Full Steam Ahead
  2. Quick off the Mark
  3. Fast as Lightning
  4. On the Double
  5. Beat the Clock
  6. Breakneck Speed
  7. Light-Footed
  8. In the Blink of an Eye
  9. Swift as a Deer
  10. Faster than a Speeding Bullet
  11. Run Like the Wind
  12. As Quick as a Flash
  13. Time Flies
  14. Rush Off One’s Feet
  15. Swift as an Arrow
  16. Bolt from the Blue
  17. Burning Rubber
  18. The Need for Speed
  19. Speedy as a Cheetah
  20. As Fast as Greased Lightning

Meanings of Top 20 English Idioms on the Topic of Speed

  1. Full Steam Ahead: To move ahead with maximum effort or speed.
  2. Quick off the Mark: Fast to react or respond to a situation.
  3. Fast as Lightning: Extremely fast; to perform an action quickly.
  4. On the Double: Immediately or quickly.
  5. Beat the Clock: Finish a task before the time runs out.
  6. Breakneck Speed: An extremely fast pace that is dangerous.
  7. Light-Footed: To move quickly and lightly without making much noise.
  8. In the Blink of an Eye: Something happening so fast it is almost unnoticeable.
  9. Swift as a Deer: Extremely fast or quick.
  10. Faster than a Speeding Bullet: Incredibly fast.
  11. Run Like the Wind: To run extremely fast.
  12. As Quick as a Flash: Extremely quickly; in an instant.
  13. Time Flies: Used to indicate that time seems to pass very quickly.
  14. Rush Off One’s Feet: To be extremely busy; to be forced to work quickly.
  15. Swift as an Arrow: Moving or performing quickly and directly.
  16. Bolt from the Blue: An unexpected, surprising event.
  17. Burning Rubber: Driving a car extremely fast.
  18. The Need for Speed: The desire or requirement to move or do something quickly.
  19. Speedy as a Cheetah: Extremely fast, comparable to the high speed of a cheetah.
  20. As Fast as Greased Lightning: Extremely fast and agile.

Here are example sentences for each of the idioms:

IdiomExample Sentence
Full Steam Ahead“Once she started her project, it was full steam ahead.”
Quick off the Mark“He was quick off the mark to answer the teacher’s question.”
Fast as Lightning“She finished the exam as fast as lightning.”
On the Double“Please get me the files on the double.”
Beat the Clock“She managed to beat the clock and submit her assignment on time.”
Breakneck Speed“He drove at breakneck speed to reach the hospital.”
Light-Footed“The burglar was light-footed, moving without making a sound.”
In the Blink of an Eye“The magician disappeared in the blink of an eye.”
Swift as a Deer“The athlete ran as swift as a deer.”
Faster than a Speeding Bullet“She completed her chores faster than a speeding bullet.”
Run Like the Wind“He had to run like the wind to catch the bus.”
As Quick as a Flash“As quick as a flash, he grabbed the falling vase.”
Time Flies“Can’t believe it’s already December, time really flies.”
Rush Off One’s Feet“She’s been rushed off her feet with work today.”
Swift as an Arrow“The response to his question was as swift as an arrow.”
Bolt from the Blue“The news of his resignation was a bolt from the blue.”
Burning Rubber“He was burning rubber to make it to the airport in time.”
The Need for Speed“The project’s deadline is tomorrow, so there’s a real need for speed.”
Speedy as a Cheetah“She ran as speedy as a cheetah to win the race.”
As Fast as Greased Lightning“She completed the puzzle as fast as greased lightning.”

These example sentences should help students better understand how to use these idioms in their compositions.

How to Improve and Learn These Idioms

Improving and learning idioms require a structured approach. Begin by familiarizing your child with the meaning and context of these idioms.

Idiom Flashcards: Make flashcards with the idiom on one side and its meaning on the other. Make sure your child goes through these flashcards regularly. Quizlet is an excellent tool for creating digital flashcards.

In-context Learning: Encourage your child to use these idioms in daily conversations and writings. This helps to understand the idiom in various contexts, improving their grasp of the idiom.

Practice Composition: Regular practice is essential. Allow your child to write compositions using these idioms, focusing on the topic of speed.

Preparing for PSLE Composition Writing

Preparation is key when it comes to scoring high in the PSLE Composition section.

Understanding the Idiom: Ensure that your child understands the meaning of the idioms and how they can fit into different contexts in the composition.

Plan Before Writing: Before diving into writing, it’s essential for your child to plan their composition. Decide where to incorporate the idioms to make the composition natural and engaging.

Regular Reviews: Provide constructive feedback on your child’s practice compositions. Regularly review their progress, focusing on idiom usage and overall language fluency. Websites like Grammarly can help with grammar and punctuation.

Why Learn These Idioms

Learning idioms can make a significant difference in your child’s PSLE Composition scores.

Enhance Expressiveness: Idioms can make a composition more expressive and engaging, capturing the reader’s attention.

Improve Language Fluency: Regular usage of idioms will improve your child’s English language fluency, making them sound more native-like.

Boost Scores: Idioms demonstrate a mastery of the language, impressing examiners and potentially boosting scores.In conclusion, mastering idioms, especially those centered around the theme of speed, is an essential strategy to excel in PSLE Composition. Consistent practice, understanding, and smart preparation can help your child make the best use of these idioms, propelling them towards success.

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