Our Composition Tutoring Classes

Behind the Scenes: Framework of Our Composition Tutoring Classes


The framework of our composition tutoring classes at eduKate Singapore has been meticulously designed to provide students with the best learning experience. The structure ensures that each lesson is engaging, enriching, and conducive to honing writing skills.

Understanding The Learning Objectives of Composition Tutoring Classes

Our first step in structuring any composition tutoring class is defining clear learning objectives. These objectives outline what students should learn and achieve at the end of each lesson. They are aligned with the Ministry of Education’s Syllabus for Primary School English Language (MOE SEAB PSLE English Syllabus) and include skills such as vocabulary mastery, effective sentence structure, and narrative writing.

Lesson Preparation of Our Composition Tutoring Classes

A significant part of our framework is the preparation for each lesson. Tutors design lesson plans that cater to students’ diverse learning styles and abilities. This process involves selecting relevant topics, preparing materials for instruction, and structuring activities to practice composition skills.

Small Group Composition Tutoring Sessions

Our classes maintain a small size, with a maximum of three students. This is designed to give every student adequate attention from the tutor and encourage more effective interactions and discussions. Smaller group settings foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment where students can confidently share their ideas and learn from their peers.

Teaching Composition Strategies

Our tutors employ a variety of teaching strategies tailored to the unique needs of each student. These strategies include direct instruction, guided practice, independent work, and collaborative learning. All these teaching methodologies serve to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to express ideas coherently in writing.

Use of Innovative Tutoring Tools

In line with the digital era, our tutors leverage various innovative tools to facilitate learning. These include online dictionaries and thesauruses, digital learning platforms, and applications that encourage interactive learning. Such tools not only enrich the learning experience but also keep students engaged and motivated.

Continuous Assessment in our Composition Tuition

The framework of our composition tutoring classes also includes continuous assessments. This is to monitor student progress and provide feedback for improvement. Tutors provide constructive criticism on students’ compositions, pointing out strengths and areas for development.

Customizing Lessons for our Composition Students

Our tutors are equipped with the expertise to customize lessons based on the learning needs and pace of each student. They ensure that the content and delivery of the lessons are suited to each student’s level of understanding. Customization allows for a more personalized learning experience that stimulates student engagement and active participation.

Interactive English Composition Learning Environment

We place a strong emphasis on creating an interactive and lively learning environment. Classes incorporate various activities such as discussions, role-playing, and games. These activities not only make learning more enjoyable but also reinforce the application of language skills.

Revision and Reinforcement for Composition Excellence

As part of our framework, tutors dedicate time for revision and reinforcement of key learning points. Through a variety of engaging revision activities, students can consolidate their understanding and proficiency of the language. This approach reinforces learning and prepares students for the PSLE English composition section and beyond.

Continuous Improvement of Composition Classes

Lastly, our framework is dynamic and continually refined based on feedback from students, parents, and the tutors themselves. This ongoing refinement ensures that our teaching practices and strategies remain effective and relevant. We are committed to providing a learning experience that nurtures our students’ love for English composition and empowers them to excel.


At eduKate Singapore, the framework of our composition tutoring classes goes beyond merely teaching. It is designed to inspire creativity, foster a love for writing, and instil confidence in our students. Behind every successful composition tutoring class is a carefully crafted framework, dedicated tutors, and a stimulating learning environment conducive to growth and achievement.

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