How to use Starbursting Method for MOE SEAB PSLE English Composition Writing?

Starbursting is a powerful brainstorming method, particularly for writing essays or compositions. It is a form of questioning that examines an idea from various angles, essentially prompting the writer to think more deeply and creatively about the subject at hand. In the context of the SEAB MOE PSLE English Composition, the Starbursting method can be an excellent tool for generating unique and engaging content.

What is the Starbursting Method?

Starbursting involves drawing a six-pointed star and placing the topic or question you’re interested in at the center. Each point of the star begins with a question word: who, what, where, when, why, and how. You then generate questions starting with these words and related to the central topic.

Using the Starbursting Method for PSLE English Composition

Suppose your essay topic is “A Day at the Park.” Here is how you can use the starbursting method for brainstorming:

  1. Who: Who are the characters in the story? Who did the main character meet at the park? Who is the audience for this story?
  2. What: What happened at the park? What activities did the characters engage in? What was the most significant event?
  3. Where: Where in the park did the main events occur? Where were the characters before they arrived at the park?
  4. When: When did the story happen? When did the characters arrive and leave the park? When did the climax of the story occur?
  5. Why: Why did the characters go to the park? Why did the main events happen as they did?
  6. How: How did the characters react to the events in the park? How did the day at the park end?
Starbursting QuestionsExamples
WhoWho is the main character? Who are the secondary characters? Who will the main character interact with at the park?
WhatWhat will the main character do at the park? What events will take place? What is the conflict or main event?
WhereWhere in the park will the story mainly take place? Where will the main character go? Where will the conflict or main event occur?
WhenWhen does the story begin? When does the main event happen? When does the story end?
WhyWhy does the main character go to the park? Why does the main event happen? Why does the main character react as they do?
HowHow does the main character feel about the park? How do they react to the main event? How is the conflict resolved?

This method allows you to explore your topic thoroughly, prompting you to think about aspects of the story you might otherwise overlook. By answering these questions, you generate material for your composition and gain a more in-depth understanding of your topic.

Implementing the Starbursting Method in your PSLE English preparation can dramatically improve the depth and quality of your compositions. As you practice this method, you’ll find yourself generating more unique ideas and approaching composition writing with more confidence and creativity.

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