How to study and revise English grammar effectively for PSLE English Examinations

Things to do to prepare for PSLE English Examinations

Studying and revising English grammar effectively for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) English Language paper is a critical task for students. A firm grasp of English grammar rules not only helps students ace the grammar portion of the exam but also provides a strong foundation for other components, such as writing and oral communication. This article outlines several strategies to study and revise English grammar effectively for the PSLE.

Understanding the Basics

The first step to studying English grammar effectively is understanding the basic rules. This includes knowledge of sentence structure, tenses, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, prepositions, and pronouns. Your child should go through the grammar rules using textbooks, workbooks, and online resources, making sure they understand each rule and its application.

Regular Practice

To reinforce their understanding, regular practice is essential. Encourage your child to complete grammar exercises in their workbooks or on online platforms. The key here is consistency. Regular practice will ensure that the grammar rules become second nature to your child.

Use of Past PSLE English Language Examination Papers

Past PSLE English Language examination papers are invaluable resources for your child. They offer your child the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the type of questions they will encounter in the exam. Besides, by reviewing the answers, your child can understand the common mistakes made by students and learn how to avoid them.

Peer Review and Group Study

Studying with peers can also be beneficial. It allows your child to have their work reviewed by others who might spot mistakes they overlooked. Furthermore, explaining grammar rules to others reinforces your child’s understanding of the rules.

Incorporate Grammar into Daily Life

Incorporating grammar into your child’s daily life can make learning more engaging and less monotonous. Encourage them to use correct grammar in their everyday conversations. You could also play grammar-based games or use apps that make learning grammar fun and interactive.

Reading Widely

Reading widely can help your child see how grammar rules are applied in context. Encourage them to read a variety of materials, including books, newspapers, and online articles. The more they read, the more they will understand the use of grammar in different contexts.

Writing Regularly

Similar to reading, writing regularly can help your child apply grammar rules in real situations. Encourage them to write essays, letters, or journal entries. Review their writing together, discussing any grammar mistakes and how to correct them.

Seeking Professional Help

If your child is still struggling with grammar despite consistent practice, consider seeking professional help. A tutor or an English language teacher can provide personalised guidance and feedback, helping your child understand and apply grammar rules effectively.


In conclusion, studying and revising English grammar effectively for the PSLE English Language examinations involve understanding the basics, regular practice, reviewing past papers, peer review, incorporating grammar into daily life, reading widely, writing regularly, and seeking professional help when necessary. With these strategies, your child can enhance their grammar skills and perform well in the PSLE English Language examinations.

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