How much is Primary 1 English Tutor

How Is Primary 1 English Tutor Fees Determined?

Summary for Parents:

  • What is Primary 1 English Tutoring? – Individualized teaching for young learners.
  • Improving Primary 1 English: – Methods & tools to enhance learning.
  • Learning and Preparation: – A guide for parents & students.
  • Reasons for Tutoring: – Why it might be necessary for your child.
  • Relevant Resources: – International links for further information.
  • For Singapore:- Expect Primary 1 English Tuition fees to be SGD $25-$100 per hour.

How much the fees for a Primary 1 English tutor can vary widely based on several factors:

  1. Location: Fees tend to be higher in major cities and urban areas compared to rural areas.
  2. Experience: Tutors with more experience or with specific qualifications (e.g., certified teachers) generally charge higher rates.
  3. Frequency: How often the sessions occur can sometimes influence cost. Some tutors might offer a discount for multiple sessions per week.
  4. Duration: Hourly rates vs. package deals for several lessons can affect the overall cost.
  5. Medium: Face-to-face tutoring might be more expensive than online tutoring due to transportation and other overhead costs.
  6. Individual vs. Group: One-on-one tutoring tends to be pricier than group sessions.
  7. Materials and Resources: Some tutors might include textbooks, worksheets, online resources, etc., in their fees, while others might charge extra for them.
  8. Specialization: If the tutor specializes in particular teaching methods or has expertise in teaching children with specific needs, they might charge a premium.

To get a concrete number, you must research rates in your area and get quotes from multiple tutors. In many countries, hourly rates for primary school tutors range from $15 to $60 (USD) or even more, depending on the abovementioned factors. However, prices can fluctuate over time and differ across regions, so conducting localised research is essential. For Singapore, expect Primary 1 English Tuition fees to be SGD $25-$100.

A Comprehensive Guide to Primary 1 English Tutoring Fees in Singapore

The transition to formal schooling in Primary 1 can be a significant leap for many children. As English forms the backbone of many subjects in Singapore, ensuring a strong foundation from the outset is crucial. Given the importance, many parents choose to invest in additional English tutoring for their child during this pivotal year. But how does the fee structure pan out for Primary 1 English tuition in Singapore?

Primary 1 English Tuition: A Glance at the Fees

Part-Time Tutors: $25-$35/hour

Part-time tutors, typically comprising of university students or professionals, are a popular choice for many parents. Their approach to tutoring is often modern and relatable, making it a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Full-Time Tutors: $35-$45/hour

Full-time tutors are professionals who’ve chosen education as their dedicated career. With a slightly higher price point, parents can expect more structured lessons, honed teaching methods, and an in-depth understanding of the Primary 1 English curriculum.

Ex/Current MOE Teachers: $50-$70/hour

These are educators who have served or are currently serving in Singapore’s schools. Their rates are relatively higher, given their formal training at institutions like the National Institute of Education (NIE) and firsthand experience with the local syllabus.

Professional Tutors: $80-$100/hour

At the higher end of the spectrum are professional tutors. They are often specialized educators, possessing vast experience, advanced degrees, or illustrious careers in the field of English. Choosing such tutors means that your child will receive top-tier educational guidance, which can be beneficial for building a strong foundation in the subject.

Making the Right Choice for Your Child

Understanding “How is PSLE English Tutor fees” structured, especially for Primary 1, can be daunting. When weighing the options, it’s essential to consider:

  1. Budget: Determine a comfortable budget for your family. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better, it can sometimes indicate a tutor’s level of expertise or experience.
  2. Your Child’s Needs: If your child needs a more structured learning environment, a professional or full-time tutor might be more beneficial. On the other hand, if they need someone more relatable to spark interest, a part-time tutor might suffice.
  3. The Long-Term Vision: Some parents see Primary 1 tuition as a foundational investment, setting the stage for future academic success. If this aligns with your vision, it might be worth investing in a more experienced tutor.

Investing in a Primary 1 English tutor is a significant decision that can shape your child’s early academic journey. While fees play a crucial role, always prioritize the tutor’s suitability for your child’s unique needs and learning style.

Navigating PSLE English Tutor Fees in Singapore: An Informative Guide for Parents

At-a-Glance: Tuition Rates Across Different Tutor Categories

Tutor TypeP1P2-P3P4P5P6
Part-Time Tutors$25-$35/h$25-$35/h$31-$44/h$30-$40/h$30-$40/h
Full-Time Tutors$35-$45/h$35-$45/h$44-$56/h$40-$50/h$40-$50/h
Ex/Current MOE Teachers$50-$70/h$50-$70/h$63-$88/h$60-$80/h$60-$80/h
Professional Tutors$80-$100/h$80-$100/h$92-$110/h$100-$140/h$100-$190/h

Deep Dive into Tutor Categories at eduKateSingapore:

1. Part-Time Tutors:

Often comprised of university students or professionals with expertise in particular subjects, part-time tutors dedicate portions of their free time to teaching. Their current educational journey or recent experiences make their approach to tutoring refreshing. They tend to resonate with students, offering a perspective that’s relatable and modern.

2. Full-Time Tutors:

These tutors have chosen education as their primary profession. With vast experience, they have a profound understanding of the Singaporean curriculum’s nuances. Their structured lesson plans and consistent guidance can make a considerable difference in a student’s academic performance.

3. Ex/Current MOE Teachers:

These educators have witnessed the classrooms of Singapore’s schools firsthand. Trained rigorously at the National Institute of Education (NIE), they are well-equipped with pedagogical techniques tailored to the local syllabus. Their in-depth classroom experience provides them a unique vantage point, enabling them to identify student needs and employ effective teaching strategies. Their strength lies in managing and navigating the complexities of larger classroom settings.

4. Professional Tutors:

Often regarded as the elite in the world of tutoring, professional tutors come with an array of qualifications. Whether it’s years of teaching experience, advanced degrees, certifications, or illustrious careers in related fields, they bring an unmatched depth to the table. Some even possess international teaching exposure. Opting for a professional tutor is akin to ensuring your child gets access to the zenith of educational expertise. Known for sculpting their students into distinction holders, they are the secret sauce behind many top-tier student success stories.

Choosing the right tutor requires a balance of understanding your child’s needs and understanding “How is PSLE English Tutor fees” structured. Make an informed decision and ensure your child’s success in the pivotal PSLE examinations.

Pros and Cons: Understanding PSLE English Tutor Fees for Primary 1

Navigating through the maze of “How is PSLE English Tutor fees” for Primary 1 can be a tad challenging. However, a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each fee structure can aid parents in making an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Part-Time Tutors ($25-$35/hour)


  • Affordability: Often the most budget-friendly option.
  • Relatability: Since they’re typically younger (university students or fresh graduates), they can connect well with young students.
  • Modern Techniques: They might introduce fresh and current learning techniques or tools.


  • Inconsistency: Might have to change schedules due to their primary commitments like university.
  • Less Structured: Lessons might not be as systematically planned as with full-time tutors.

2. Full-Time Tutors ($35-$45/hour)


  • Dedication: As tutoring is their primary profession, they are more committed.
  • Structured Learning: Regular and planned lessons.
  • Experience: Generally have a good grasp of the curriculum and effective teaching methods.


  • Cost: More expensive than part-time tutors.
  • Less Flexibility: Might have more students, making schedule adjustments challenging.

3. Ex/Current MOE Teachers ($50-$70/hour)


  • Expertise: Trained formally and have hands-on experience with the school curriculum.
  • Insights: Possess unique insights into exam patterns and the overall school system.
  • Structured Approach: Lessons are often meticulously planned based on years of teaching.


  • Higher Costs: Among the more expensive options.
  • Large Group Dynamics: More accustomed to teaching larger groups, so one-on-one tutoring might need adjustment.
  • Challenging to hire: It is not easy to find a slot. Also prefers the upper primary for the higher payouts.

4. Professional Tutors ($80-$100/hour)


  • Specialization: Often have significant expertise, qualifications, or even international exposure in English.
  • Comprehensive Teaching: Can provide a depth of knowledge unmatched by other tutor categories.
  • Results-Driven: Track record of producing top-performing students.


  • Premium Pricing: The most expensive category. Not easy to find them.
  • High Demand: Might have limited slots due to high demand, leading to less flexible scheduling.

Parents’ Reviews on Primary 1 English Tutoring Fees & Experience

1. Mrs. Koh Siew Ling Chose: Part-Time Tutor

  • Pros: “Seeking answers to “How is PSLE English Tutor fees” was challenging. Eventually, we settled on a part-time tutor for Wei Jun. The tutor, a university undergraduate, was affordable and related well with my son, making lessons fun and interactive.”
  • Cons: “There were moments when the tutor had to change timings due to her exams or university assignments. And missing lessons without telling us can be frustrating.”

2. Mr. Arvind K Chose: Full-Time Tutor

  • Pros: “We wanted a structured approach for Kavi’s English lessons. The full-time tutor we selected had systematic plans, and his deep understanding of the curriculum was evident in his teaching. Kavi’s progress was noticeable within months.”
  • Cons: “The fees were a tad higher than we’d initially budgeted for, but the results justified the expense.”

3. Mrs. Wong Pei Fen Chose: Ex/Current MOE Teacher

  • Pros: “Being a believer in the formal education system, we opted for an Ex-MOE teacher for Xin Yi. Her knowledge, gleaned from years in the classroom, provided insights that were invaluable.”
  • Cons: “She was more accustomed to handling larger groups and was strict. Not easy to hire as she prefers Upper Primary students. Sometimes, she was frustrated with my daughter, which is understandable since she preferred to teach older kids. Also, her rates were considerably higher.”

4. Mr. B. Nair Chose: Professional Tutor

  • Pros: “For Anjali, our primary concern was ensuring she had the best foundation possible. The professional tutor we chose had stellar qualifications. Her methods, though unique, brought about a discernible improvement in her English skills.”
  • Cons: “The fees were steep, and we had to stretch our budget. Scheduling was also stricter due to her high demand. Not easy to find as her clientele does not advertise her to others, we got her contact from my colleague whose child went to a top school”

5. Mrs. Chin Mei Lin Chose: Part-Time Tutor

  • Pros: “When I was researching “How is PSLE English Tutor fees”, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of part-time tutors. The young lady we hired for Jun Kai was enthusiastic and introduced interactive lessons that made learning enjoyable.”
  • Cons: “Being a part-timer, she was occasionally unavailable during exam periods at her university, so we had to be understanding.”

1. What is Primary 1 English Tutoring?

Primary 1 English tutoring caters to the foundational English needs of young learners. Often, when students transition to formal schooling, they face the challenge of adapting to a structured curriculum. This is where a dedicated tutor can step in, offering specialized attention and tailored lessons that cater to a child’s unique learning needs.

2. How is Primary 1 English Tutor Fees Determined?

The cost of Primary 1 English tutoring can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Geographic Location: Tutors in urban areas or countries with a higher cost of living may charge more.
  • Experience and Qualifications: Tutors with more experience or higher educational qualifications might command higher fees.
  • Duration and Frequency: Longer or more frequent sessions will cost more.
  • Materials and Resources: Some tutors might include materials in their fee, while others might charge separately.
  • Online vs. In-person: Online sessions might be less expensive than in-person tutoring.

3. Improving Primary 1 English: Tools and Techniques

There are several methods by which parents and tutors can enhance a child’s English learning experience:

  • Interactive Learning: Using tools like flashcards, games, and interactive apps can make learning fun and engaging.
  • Reading Together: Reading stories or books can improve vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Writing Exercises: Encourage your child to write short stories or maintain a diary to improve their writing skills.

4. Learning and Preparation: A Guide for Parents and Students

  • Establish a Routine: Regular study hours can make learning consistent and effective.
  • Environment: A quiet and comfortable study space can enhance concentration.
  • Set Goals: Establishing short-term and long-term goals can keep the child motivated.

5. Reasons for Opting for Primary 1 English Tutoring

  • Customized Learning: Tutors can tailor lessons based on a child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • One-on-One Attention: This can address specific concerns and queries that might be overlooked in a larger classroom setting.
  • Building Confidence: With consistent feedback and encouragement, children can become more confident in their abilities.
  • Preparation for Exams: Tutors can prepare students for any upcoming tests or exams, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident.

6. Relevant Resources for Further Information

For parents who wish to dive deeper into the realm of Primary 1 English tutoring, here are some international links:

Summary: Understanding PSLE English Tutor Fees for Primary 1

Primary 1 English tutoring is an essential tool that can provide your child with a strong foundation in English. By understanding how the tutor fees are determined, you can make an informed decision that suits your budget and your child’s learning needs. With the right resources and approach, you can ensure that your child has a fruitful learning experience.

Navigating the landscape of “How is PSLE English Tutor fees” in Singapore, especially for Primary 1, is crucial for parents aiming to provide their children with a strong foundation in English. The article offers a detailed breakdown of tuition rates across various tutor categories, from part-time tutors to professional educators.

Parents often need help understanding how PSLE English Tutor fees vary and what they receive in return for their investment. Local parents shared their experiences, shedding light on the pros and cons of their chosen tutor categories. Whether it’s the relatability of part-time tutors or the structured approach of full-time educators, understanding “How PSLE English Tutor fees” are structured can significantly influence a parent’s decision, ensuring the best for their child’s academic journey.

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