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P6 English Test Papers for Download.

How to study for PSLE English Singapore? What to study for PSLE English? What type of test papers to study for the PSLE English test paper?

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This is the Primary 6 English Exam Papers for Singapore PSLE 2020 Preliminary Past Year School Papers. It is a list of downloadable Primary 6 English 2020 test papers that is used to prepare students for P6 SA2 English and the PSLE.

Our commitment for “Access to education for all.”

Please do make full use of this page, after which, shimmy down to our 2020 Teaching Guide and Study Plan that has a comprehensive knowledge and vocabulary build up before letting your charge attempt the papers.

Every paper has a unique study plan that caters to the themes appearing in that particular paper. Each curated to maximum effect, have a good go at the pages. Labelled against the paper, you will find that we will use a mood board for instantaneous inspiration. Then a selection of YouTube that delivers essential information and some extras. Finally, a selection of words that students can set about levelling up their vocabulary skills to be able to read through the paper with ease. The more vocabulary one has, the more effective their communication skills.

This study plan is structured to increase knowledge and a holistic approach and works as a supplement to the SA2 English test paper where we try, with the inclusion of glocal issues that guides our students, to introduce them to the problems that we face around Singapore and the world. For example, topics like artificial intelligence (AI) and its ethical issues, or a very hot topic, literally, global warming, or to find a solution to our overpopulation.

In these study plans, we hope to inculcate rational thinking skills, the ability to manage vast amounts of knowledge and finally sift out the relevance to make a 8useful information applied with a logical conclusion.

Use this page to pick up all the test papers and then go and go here to view our teaching guide and study plan with vocabulary words, enrichment videos and images that will give preliminary understanding and visual cues to help students to be well prepared when they attempt the question paper. 

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