Secondary Mathematics Tuition at eduKate

Question: What goes up but never goes down?

Answer: Age.

Our Math tutorials are geared for students seeking a distinction in Mathematics. Secondary Mathematic lessons at edu|Kate will be demanding but satisfying. Catering to students of all calibers, our math tuition is all about teaching in micro detail, understanding syllabus requirements fully and develop a can-do attitude to get double A1’s in the O’levels. 

As tough as the GCE O level’s syllabus for both A and E Math is, we can get you that A1. 

Training at edu|Kate to get A1’s is a three prong strategy: learning and understanding, spending time in practices, and preparing for the examinations by gaining experience by completing past year papers. 

We have been teaching for the last 2 decade and achieved the A1 results needed using our teaching program that comes from the experience of teaching students from all walks of life and from numerous schools all around Singapore. 

Our tutorials are delivered with exceptional clarity and requires students to understand our materials before attempting the past year papers that we provide. 

Both E Maths and A Maths are available in small groups of 3 pax per 1.5hour sessions. Normal results from students are A1 and A2’s for their GCE O’ levels.

By eduKate Asia

Passionate educator, adventurer and getting things right in a rather wrong world. Spends time doing something about it.

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