Yishun Primary 5 Maths Tuition

Primary Maths Tuition in Yishun at 664 Yishun Avenue 4 with Teacher Yuet Ling. Yishun Primary Maths tuition includes materials provided in our small groups Yishun Maths tuition centre. Using the latest MOE syllabus Mathematics, Primary 5 Pri 5 P5 Maths lessons concentrates on understanding the concepts and have a step-by-step approach to improve heuristically. Designed to help students to understand Mathematics in school, our Yishun Math tutors will incorporate past year test papers and questions in class to make sure students are well prepared for their PSLE examinations.

Yishun Math tutors will guide and monitor the progress of students, making sure every lesson with us are beneficial to students, never a dull moment, students will find the learning process enjoyable and have a good grasp of Mathematics foundation as we teach from scratch and ahead of schools to lower any anxieties that students might have when anything new is taught by their school teachers.

Our Yishun Primary Math classes are helpful to students that find Mathematics confusing and suspect that their understanding of Math concepts are weak and can be a cause for their inability to do well in their school. Our Math tuition will help them clarify their confusion as well as categorise all the topics and techniques to help them compartmentalise their knowledge and know its specific uses so that our Math students can employ them effectively and accurately to solve their sums.

Our Yishun Math tuition will start off with a gentle learning curve, taking into account the differences in learning abilities and study skills available, and install the right tools in our Yishun Math students to be able to learn faster and adopt advanced skills and study habits that makes them capable mathematicians.

As their skill advances, so does their confidence. Attitude is everything, getting students to do their work diligently and feel that there are no mountain too high. Our tutors are well equipped to change learning attitudes for the better, guiding students to have a set of study skills that will help them to always be a winner. Optimism and a never-die attitude, that is what we believe and we teach our Yishun students to master a topic before going for any examinations.

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Yishun Primary Secondary English Mathematics Science Tuition for PSLE and GCE O levels in Singapore. Small Group Tuition with materials provided by Teacher Linda.
Sec 4 E Mathematics Tuition in Yishun doing ten Year series practices in February. Completing the syllabus early helps them to clear their doubts and gain confidence.
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Yishun Tutor in Cambridge, UK. King’s College
Tutor Yuet Ling in London, UK. Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium
Yishun Tutor Yuet Ling in Manchester United Football
London Bridge, UK.
Tutor Yuet Ling in Sydney, Australia
Tutor Yuet Ling, in London, UK.
Year 4 Math Student with eduKate
Year 12 SL/HL Math Student with eduKate at Mandela Room. Small Group Tuition for IB Math
At the beginning of every class, we ask if there is anything they do not understand in their homework, and we go through their work to clear their doubts.
Punggol Sec 2 Maths Tuition doing Mensuration and memorising formulas. Again, we teach from scratch, understanding is important to do well in Secondary school.
Tutors teach from scratch and works together with students during class to ensure student’s understanding is well grounded
Tutor Yuet Ling introducing the theme “Going to the Zoo’ and everything that students should know about zoo’s, including the place, the animals, zookeepers and the people who goes there.
All students are required to write down everything they learn and also their thoughts, giving the subject a good thought before they attempt to write a composition themselves.
Students are required to fill in all information guided by Tutor Yuet Ling
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