Greendale Primary School Tuition English Maths Science

Tuition for Greendale Primary School for SEAB MOE PSLE Syllabus English Mathematics and Science. Our tutors were from RJC, ACJC, TPJC, SAJC and local/international universities.  Teachers with a difference.

We are located at 33 Punggol Field, Prive E.C.

eduKateSG Mee Toh Primary Students at Punggol Prive Condo
eduKateSG Greendale, Edgefield, Horizon Mee Toh Primary Students at Punggol Prive Condo

Top Tutors, highly qualified, trained and current to PSLE Syllabus

We are a group of female university graduate tutors with expert knowledge in the current MOE syllabus. We teach to understand everything according to the syllabus and then move onto solving challenging sums that students will encounter in their exams.

Our classes are conducted in a fully air-conditioned environment with the average tutor/student ratio of 1:5.

Enrolment Classes offered at eduKate for PSLE Syllabus

Kindly call Yuet Ling at +65 8222 6327 for enrolment and schedules